PostDesk Review: Uncharted 3 is a must have; but not as mind-blowing as 2.

Zoë Ainscough can't recommend Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception enough - 'It’s a must have for every PS3 owner, and if you’re an Xbox gamer, then you’re missing out big time on this fantastic franchise'. But expresses her concern on its lack of mind-blowing-ness compared to the previous game.

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Ezio20482588d ago

anyone who has played UC2 before UC3 would not be surprised with the action set pieces considering the fact that similar such set pieces have been featured in UC2.

nonetheless, both games are two of the best games this gen!!
Kudos, Naughty Dog!

Drekken2588d ago

Yeah, the improved graphics, 3D, and split screen were all unimpressive. /s

Son_Lee2588d ago

None of that has any effect on the actual GAMEPLAY. The game is essentially U2 redux, which is not the kind of jump people were hoping for. Still a great game, just more of the same.

bunfighterii2587d ago

I agree that uncharted 3 was amazing, but it didn't blow me away like uncharted 2 did. I think that was inevitable though given how revolutionary uncharted 2 was. It redefined how stories were told in games, gave players the best ever technical achievement on a console and has influenced a pack of games since. Uncharted 3 improves on uncharted 2 in many ways, but it's not that same leap ahead of the pack that 2 was.

banjadude2587d ago

Could have said it better myself, sir.

Bioshocking2586d ago

The technical jump is not as great... but I feel Uncharted 3 is the best in the series. U2 was much more action packed, where as U3 was more subtle.

I liked that feel to the game, as it made the characters shine more than U2. The main draw was the love triangle between Nate, Chloe and Elena.

In U3, it was who Nate is as a person, and what these people in his life mean to him

And that is why I find U3 is the best one.

level 3602585d ago

Couldn't say "EPIC" enough for UC3, Still think there are aiming issues.. just slightly though. The topics listed in the review are all correct and well noted.