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PSN exclusive Zack Zero by Crocodile Entertainment is one of the newer PSN titles recently dropped to PlayStation Network. Does Zack Zero deliver a great action platform adventure or is it just another side scrolling adventure you should avoid?

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ryandebraal4155d ago

I agree with the writers assessment

ilovemyps34155d ago

this game has incredible graphics, that i rarely saw in a game. the graphics look like god of war 3, for me, and are as good as on the santa monica title. no aliasing at all, incredible effects, hard enemies, good weapons, powers. incredible effects, particles, wind, fire, ice.
the graphics on this game are really amazing, and if you are lucky enough to download the 700mb, you will be amazed, how good it was. remember, graphics look like god of war 3. believe me.

how can you give a 7.7, because enemies are repetitive and appear from nowhere ?

in a game like cod, you do the same moves, you go from A to B, with the same weapon, 150 times in one hour. nobody cut 3/10 because of that.

in a game like uncharted, in the boat stage, enemies are and appear on places that even batman couldn't go. as you keep killing them, they keep respawning, like there was a magical hat, full of enemies. the game is still amazing, and got shitloads of 10/10.

really, i would give this game a 8.5-9, at least. 7.7, isn't fair.

MkaY4154d ago

Thank you for your comment,

I too consider this game to be a good game. In our ratings system 7.7 translates to "Games receiving this score range are good, they are fun to play but aren’t particularly memorable or well crafted."

The score isn't 7.7 just because enemies appear from nowhere. The true reason for this grade comes from clunky character movement, shallow story and from the bugs and glitches the game currently has. If I was unclear of this in the review, I’ll fix the issue so thank you for your feedback.

Zack Zero is a good game that provides some puzzle solving and appealing graphics in this particular genre, but so do other titles that are crafted even better. Take Trine 2 or Rayman Origins for example.

ilovemyps34154d ago

You are right.
It's true I was a bit too excited about this game.mainly because I love platforming games, and thought zack zero was particularly well done,comparing to many others (rocket knight,etc), and even with its faults, zack is pretty good,still, in my opinion.

Didn't play trine 2, but I remember the first trine , there was barely one type of enemies, the skeletons, during the whole game.

Rayman is incredible, ,my +20 hours on it were really great.

For zack zero, I think scoring it less than a 8, is not very correct, when seeing what we have there,which offers many more than a lot of games, with better scores.I'm my opinion.