PSF - Starkhawk multiplayer hands-on: some notable balancing issues

PSFocus writes: This week Sony will launch the public beta for Starhawk and players will get the change to play some multiplayer. We already played it in the closed beta and noticed that the game could use some work. Particularly on the balance. Read the hands-on for more info.

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GribbleGrunger2656d ago

how about instead of writing an article about a Beta game these people actually inform Sony of these problem and do what the Beta is there to do. when the game releases, then tell us about any problems. until then, tell Sony.

MrGunny942656d ago

People are yet to know what the word "Beta" means and what to do with a "Beta".

Remember old "true beta testing" back in 1998-2008 R.I.P Beta testing

Now it's just a market way of attracting consumers.

BitbyDeath2656d ago

Starhawk has been going through real beta testing.

360ICE2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

They've made some changes during the beta that I've found immensely satisfying. Call me an idiot though, but I think the graphics could use a good airbrush. Game is great.

BitbyDeath2656d ago

I asked about that on the blog and Harv said the graphics in the beta are not final.

360ICE2655d ago

Ice! Some more polygons never hurt anyone.
Except people who can't see past the polygons of course. But I have no doubt Lightbox won't forget the gameplay. In fact would've payed for the beta if that was the game.

MrGunny942656d ago

Most of the time Graphics are not final because they need to polished alongside with the animation :)!

bahabeast2655d ago

warhawk wa a really ugly game but was really fun to play, starhawk looks leaps ahead of warhawk and im lookin forward to the game.