The biggest PS3 games that will change 2012

2012 is looking like a mighty strong year for creative game-changers. I’ve picked out nine of the best upcoming PS3 games that particularly stand out and written some words about exactly why you should care about them.

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Pikajew3484d ago (Edited 3484d ago )

Who said GTA V will be on PS3? It can be on PC and Wii U and ported to PS4 and xbox 720 when they come out

It would be better if it was on next gen consoles, so it can have more content

iamnsuperman3484d ago

who said it could be on the Wii U or PC and then ported?

That makes little sense because why wait for the PS4 and next Xbox and come out on the Wii U and the PC first. What makes more sense is to release it out on all consoles that are present at the launch of GTA V. Waiting only benefits Nintendo not Rockstar.

Pikajew3484d ago

Is it a crime to want more content? If it was for next gen it will be a huge map with lots of cars and missions and 60fps and 1080p

Redempteur3484d ago

As if rockstar would advertize a game on a console that isn't even annonced by his manufacturer ( meaning in at least 2 years before release )

That's ..just unrealistic...GTA5 will be on current-gen consoles that's a given.

blumatt3484d ago

While it would be cool for GTA V to be built for the next-gen systems, I doubt Rockstar will miss out on all that money to do that. The current systems have huge user-bases already. Now, what would be cool is if they were to come out with it with updated graphics and more content when the PS4 and Xbox 720 come out.

BattleAxe3483d ago

This game will not be ported to the WiiU, especially with its current standing of "zero" consoles sold.

B1663r3483d ago

I am certain that WiiU developers have WiiU development consoles by now. So the number of consoles sold is already more than zero.

Granted those consoles probably cost 20-30k each and come with a team of lawyers with 100 page NDA's...

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MariaHelFutura3484d ago (Edited 3484d ago )

WTF are you talking about? GTAV will be out in about 6-8 months on the PS3 and 360. I'm interested to see what happens w/ this game being on the 360. Sam Houser was adament that GTAIV barely made it on the 360 because of the storage medium.

Edit: like grubblegrunger said the 360 will probably/should be a full install.

hazardman3484d ago

Are you talking about the dvd format or hard drive storage or lack of hard drive?

Tonester9253484d ago

Thats crazy because it looked way better on Xbox 360. Which sucked for me lol

MRMagoo1233483d ago


Looked way better than what, because if you mean the ps3 you are wrong because it was pretty much the same on both consoles with different amounts of smoothness and shades on either, It was basically pick which one you have the console for or if you have both flip a coin cos it didnt matter.

Nitrowolf23484d ago (Edited 3484d ago )

you really think GTA for next gen? If that were true then I am very disappointed by what they are showing for a next gen game. The graphics are better then 4, but that's only because they went with a different style of design.

Doubtful, pretty sure it'll be on PS3, PC,and Xbox 360.
Ported to Wii U.

MariaHelFutura3484d ago

I'm interested to see if it'll be on the WiiU and how it'll sell on a Nintendo home console.

MysticStrummer3484d ago

After a quick Google search, I can tell you that just about everyone says GTA5 will be on PS3.

GribbleGrunger3484d ago

what? lol. GTAV will be on all consoles. all i'm hoping for is a complete install on the 360 so that the PS3 version doesn't get gimped this time. open worlds don't lend themselves to disk swapping so a complete install will allow Rockstar to use a full Blu-ray version on the PS3

dedicatedtogamers3484d ago

Ironically, GTAIV was significantly held back by the 360's limited disc storage space but I guess that didn't stop everyone and their dog from singing its praises, did they?


it may have been limited but till this day I will still give it praise and next to most other games this gen, it still delivered a lot more even in terms of content.

It only really fell short when stood next to the massive San Andreas.

RumbleFish3484d ago (Edited 3484d ago )

It is unlikely that the game will not be released for current gen hardware.
I wait for PC anyway.
I stick to exclusives (not timed) on console.

LoLZoRz3483d ago

lol Pikajew u so funneh!

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Zha1tan3484d ago (Edited 3484d ago )

Prey 2 & Darkness 2 will be for me.

Rising looks like crap and will be flooded with numerous QTEs.

GTA 5 will be overated like the last and will take the boring approach of GTA 4 which to me was a very bland, very boring game.

Solid_Snake373484d ago

I think it was cancelled bro... im sorry

JamieLeeC933484d ago (Edited 3484d ago )

The disagrees say otherwise.

Solid_Snake373483d ago

well i did say 'i think' so i could be wrong

hazardman3484d ago

I don't care much for this series! Just way to many games to play, but my friends tell me that GTA5 is already out.. Saints the 3rd!!!!

OMEGAZONE3484d ago (Edited 3484d ago )

GTAV will be huge on PS3, really looking forward to it. When the majority of people think of GTA they think of a Sony console. The good feelings are there. :)

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