New Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock Screenshots

Brand new screenshots for the upcoming Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock for PS3, developed by BBC Worldwide Digital Entertainment and Supermassive Games - Check out the brand new screenshots showing off the villains in the game

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wwm0nkey3201d ago

Why is the screen shot just a black picture?

(Those who watch the show should get it)

forevercloud30003201d ago

I see what you did there ;)


MasterCornholio3201d ago

I hope it turns out to be a good puzzle adventure game because I miss those.

BTW wasn't this suppose to come out for the 3DS?


forevercloud30003201d ago

Can't wait for this. Been a huge DocWho fan for a while now. Will probably get it for Vita so I can get my fix on the go.

Please god let it be a good puzzle solving, mindbending, mystery game with light hearted action elements. Kinda wish it was David Tenant tho, loved him BEST :). Wondering when they will finally replace Matt as he is kinda just meh to me.

coaidant3201d ago

I think this game is foreshadowing Season 7, as it's going to be Matt Smith and River Song in the game. So most likely then, River Song will be the new companion in the upcoming series.

wwm0nkey3200d ago

With the Ponds leaving I can see River staying BUT I do not like River in her current state, would love if they came up with an excuse to give her one more regeneration.

That or have the doctors daughter (who is now David Tennats wife) return.

coaidant3199d ago

Ahhh now that would be something having Jenny the Doctor's daughter return. I've read that they *might* have that as it's own spin-off series but that's just meaningless internet rumors so don't hold your breath. Although it would be great if she made a cameo in future episodes.

As for River, would like that too but she's stuck the way she is. They've already showed how she's going to die, when she firsts (sort of) meets the doctor. So i guess she's stuck in that form.