Uncharted 2 vs. Uncharted 3 Flashback DLC Comparison Screen Shots

Dualshock Nexus: Earlier this week, Naughty Dog released their first flashback DLC map pack for Uncharted 3. In it contained four maps from Uncharted 2. The maps look and feel new enough for people who never played Uncharted 2 and have the right amount of nostalgia for veteran fans. It is clear ND spent good time re-imagining these maps. These screen shot comparisons show exactly how much ND changed these maps. To view the screens, read the full story.

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brish3202d ago

Is it just me or does selling the same maps from the previous version of a game seem ridiculous?!

tack1293202d ago

Funny enough people actually requested UC2 maps on UC3.

Drekken3202d ago

They are giving 14 dlc packages for $25... They can do what they want. These maps are all great and add to the variation of maps. I just hope they release new maps before flashback #2.

flavorbabies3202d ago

Exactly. Fortune hunters club is a great deal and if you're going to be getting U3 DLC in the future you have no excuse not to get FHC. Also, DLC for other games cost way more, most of the time. e.g. CoD.

jetlian3202d ago

yea its pretty crazy!! Its worse than COD!!! How can you give a total remake map pack? Its setup just like gears 4 map packs with a few extras on the side.

why dre try to make it seem like 14 different things I dont know

sashimi3202d ago

lol nothing is worse then CoD...Same game different slab of paint for $60 with $15 map packs every single year.

what are you blind? or wearing fanboy goggles.

jetlian3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

no im not blind seeing as cod4 had 1 map pack 10 dollars
waw had 3(i think)
mw2 had 2
blops had 4 total 1 was zombies only
mw3 will have 4

more to the point its not a total remake map pack. Also COD play different from year to year. treyarch has better balance than IW.

And I love you cant dispute my original post haha

MaxXAttaxX3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Uncharted 2 had new map packs + new trophies + new character skins + new mode for $4 or $5.

COD has like $45 worth of DLC every year.

Uncharted 3 offers 14 different DLC packs for $25.

ginsunuva3202d ago

The only one that looks worse (aesthetically) from Uc2 is Lost City. The snow decor is boring. But all the others are definitely way better looking, esp Sanctuary in the northern lights.

But I also thought the other Uc2 maps (musuem, highrise, facility, and ruins) all looked worse than in Uc2. I can't see any ledges in highrise due to its darkness. Flooded ruins lost the coolest part - the flood. Museum is good but I miss the beautiful sunset and purple-red sky. Facility is just ugly.

Dropdeadll3201d ago

i don't like the new lost city, the characters seem to blend in with the environment.. uncharted 2 mp maps were definitely better(graphically)