Skyrim DLC Release Date Over Incoming Modded Content (Analysis)

Pinoytutorial: Thousands of third-party developers are waiting for Bethesda to release Skyrim's creation kit letting them create better mods and large-scale content tagging along with the game's official DLC hitting its release date this quarter. Meanwhile, Beth should consider fixing its bugs first before planning for a grandiose update for Skyrim.

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THEonlyBONBON3546d ago

hottest news yet no comments?

BiggCMan3546d ago

Haha, who knows. Anyways, like many people I am just waiting for the re-release of the game (Game of the Year or other name) with all of the content. And then I will get it on Steam, and put some more updated mods on it.

SyluxPT3546d ago

My arrow in the knee is ready

popup3546d ago

I think I may well have the most glitched game save ever for this game. 210 Hours and cannot complete any of the main quests as they are all bugged out along with some 20 others. My character is hollow and has no face, my save game is a healthy 37MB and my framerate is 0.1 most of the time.

Still loved it when it ran well but will never buy another Bethesda game again if they fail to sort this issue out as it is not really fit for the purpose intended (at least on PS3) in my opinion. My local shop is sending them back as faulty lol.