Macho Man Randy Savage Mod for Skyrim

GR - "No game is complete without a Macho Man Randy Savage mod. It was only a matter of time before Skyrim would get the same treatment."

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GameTavern3551d ago

Then the Dragon Borne must be Hogan and Flair since he never was able to defeat them

D3mons0ul3551d ago

I sense there will be other wrestler related versions of this mod.

Imagine changing the trolls into Ric Flair and the spiders into Hulk Hogan.

or just the dragons.

NukaCola3551d ago

First Macho Man killed Kim Jung Il, now the people of Skyrim...Who's next oh mighty masterful one? SPARE ME!!!!!

Spitfire_Riggz3551d ago

"Macho man is comin for em" "There it is again! Did you hear that!" lol

Perjoss3551d ago

there's no need to ask why, just sit back and enjoy lol.

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