Team Ninja ‘steadily making progress’ on Ni-Oh for PlayStation 3

Gematsu: "Nope, it’s still not cancelled. The last we heard of Ni-Oh was in September 2010, where Team Ninja assured Famitsu readers development was still underway on Ni-Oh, which they’re aiding Koei with development on. A Twitter update from Team Ninja today confirms development is progressing smoothly."

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no_more_heroes3552d ago

wasn't this game supposed to be a PS3 launch title?

Optical_Matrix3552d ago

Yeah it was. I'm shocked to hear it's still in existence. This is more vapourware than FF Versus XIII even. Not one bit of gameplay has ever been shown.

Godmars2903552d ago

And I was going to facepalm and everything...

This gen has just been F***ed up.

OmegaSlayer3552d ago

Just hope it won't be like Dinsaty Warriors and more like Onimusha

thegamefanatics3552d ago

While working on another PS3 title and 2 PSV ones. Nice.

Jobesy3552d ago

They should put it on the Vita too, it would be a smart move.

ElliePage3552d ago

If it's on anything other than PS3 then I won't buy it. It would just mean that they've wasted all the time porting it to some other platform so I would ignore it altogether as it should've been released years ago.

D3mons0ul3552d ago

Better not be cancelled. I thought this game looked awesome when I first saw artwork and I still do.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3552d ago

Never even heard of this game. Looks like Versus 13 has some comp.

Ddouble3552d ago

Announced in 2005. Damn
Glad there still working on it though. Can't complain about more exclusives.

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The story is too old to be commented.