Best Souls games from down the years, ranked

To celebrate the Demon's Souls Remake, we thought we'd celebrate the best Souls games by having them ranked from worst to best.

mandf942d ago (Edited 942d ago )

Demon souls
Darks souls 2
Dark souls
Dark souls 3

That's mine . The rest dont play like souls games. Similarities yes but not the same.

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Vanfernal942d ago

Their list:

8.Demon's Souls
7.Dark Souls 2
5.Dark Souls 3
4.Nioh 2
3.Dark Souls

So they got Demon's Souls as the worst... And the Nioh games WHICH ARE NOT EVEN MADE BY FROM SOFTWARE ranking better than most of the Souls games. This list is a joke.

smashman98942d ago

I don't think it's crazy as you make it out to be. They clearly feel that nioh fits into the genre that from soft created, which isn't a stretch. Then on Demon's Souls being the lowest ranked, it's the oldest game. Now my personal opinion is that Dark Souls 2 is the worst and I'm not a fan of nioh my self. But to call someone's opinion a joke because you disagree with it in itself sounds like a joke.

Vanfernal942d ago

The Souls games, also known as the Soulsborne games are From software's games of the genre. Meaning Demon's Souls and it's spiritual sequels. Soulslike games are the genre. That's like saying you're making a list of the best Vs. Games talking about the Capcom fighting games and stuffing Guilty Gear in there.

smashman98942d ago

You're literally nitpicking acting like you don't understand the intent of the article. I mean you woke up today and decided to be a jerk to some random dude on the internet when you could've taken that opportunity to be constructive and point the dude in the right direction. So congrats to you.

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