Five Games like Demon's Souls to Satisfy That Soulslike Craving

I've created a list of five Soulslike games that should scratch that very particular itch. The Dark Souls game and Bloodborne are obvious choices, but I'm going to step a bit off the beaten path and dig up some games that weren't made by From Software.

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33d ago
BiggCMan33d ago

The 5 best games like Demon's Souls to satisfy that Soulslike craving are Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2, Dark Souls 3, Bloodborne, and Sekiro.

DVAcme33d ago

Dude, I just cited this to my best friend VERBATIM 😆

UltraNova33d ago

Mortal Shell is the closest thing to a From software game and I love it. Nioh a close second.

Weapon_of_choice33d ago

Well said, the Armored Cores series were also great and had, for me, a Soul game feel to it AND the Moonlight saber.

Chriswheeler2233d ago

Salt and Sanctuary is awesome, very much 2d Dark Souls.

Hollow Knight absolutely isn't, definitely an unpopular opinion.

32froshes33d ago

If what you're looking for is specifically "like Dark Souls but 2D," then Salt & Sanctuary is the better option for sure. I love Hollow Knight, but it has a completely different feel to it.

Chriswheeler2233d ago

Yeah, I'm not saying its a bad game. It just shouldn't be lumped into that souls like genre.

Vanfernal33d ago

I'm with you on this one... Love Souls games... Couldn't get into Hollow Knight...

fitofficial33d ago

Agreed. S&S is the best souls like platformer out there.

zacfoldor33d ago

Haven't played S&S but Hollow Knight was a great metroidvania. I never thought of it as a souls-like. I still would give Hollow Knight a near perfect score, it was just really good imho. Surprising amount of content, great atmosphere, and the bosses were cool. Not a souls-like.

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SyntheticForm33d ago

Demon's Souls will be the first game I boot up on my PS5. I cannot wait to jump into this one. I've never played the original DS so this is totally fresh for me.

NEXUS-633d ago (Edited 33d ago )

You're in for a real treat, it was fantastic back when it released - now it looks genre defining.

It'll be my 2nd game - gotta give astro 10 or 15 minutes before DS.

I know once I start nothing else will get a look in until I've completed it.

Edit: The Vanguard in the thumbnail, during the trailer the smoke emanating from its eyes looked phenomenal.

SyntheticForm33d ago

I've played all the Souls games with the exception of Demon's Souls and platted Bloodborne. I'm really looking forward to this one and I hear it's the most brutal in terms of difficulty.

I'll probably play around a bit with the UX myself before I get started, but I've made up my mind. Spider-Man will be next, as I preordered the bundle.

Storm2333d ago

I've never played a Souls game, this will be my first. So amped to give it a go. I'm not one to give up easily which I hear is very important for these games, haha. So excited for PS5!

Doomeduk33d ago

"I'm not one to give up easily"
Remember that chap when your playing :)
I've played bloodborne on and off but last night was the first time I've thrown a pad down
Have to kill a hunter for eileen the crow, he had no health left so I threw all I knew out of the window and launched an attack, he parried me then K. O me
On another level of frustration these games are

TitaniumExposed_VIP32d ago

Good knowledge to have on a fresh start is to pay attention to the enemies animation and dodge/parry in the last second so the i-frames can save you, (play with light armor because "fat roll" has less i-frames and will fail you more often than not, the extra defense of heavy armor is not worth it) and lastly never get too greedy with your attacks when attacking the powerful ones. (no button mash)
These games are really not that hard once you mastered them. Good luck.

fitofficial33d ago

I'm OG Demon's Souls and have been waiting for this for a decade. You won't be disappointed!

MajorLazer33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Demon's Souls was my first love too and it'll always be my favourite. Literally buying a PS5 and a new 4K TV just for Demon's Souls.

zacfoldor33d ago

Nioh 2 is legend, all I’m saying.

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