Skyrim: Realistic Overhaul is a must-have graphical mod; overhauls the landscape textures

DSOGaming writes: "As the title suggests, this modification overhauls Skyrim with much better quality, landscape textures. These textures are designed and painted to perfectly match Skyrim environment. In other words, these are not simply touched up versions of the original textures. Design and color is very similar to vanilla and their resolution is 2048k, except from the mountain ones which are 4096k."

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Kos-Mos3553d ago

Is graphics really THAT important?

Detoxx3553d ago

I prefer gameplay over graphics, but a good graphic mod is always welcome

NYC_Gamer3553d ago

i'm not gonna complain if can get a free mod that improves on graphics and etc

john23553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

Let's be honest, graphics do matter. Everyone prefers gameplay over graphics, but graphics do matter. Otherwise we wouldn't have our Tri-SLI systems and we would all keep playing 8bit games :P

Kos-Mos3552d ago Show
JohnnyMann4203553d ago

Are we really going to have a news article per Skyrim Mod out there? Is it really gaming news? I think most modders of Skyrim like myself just go to the nexus every now and then to check out the new mods.

Point being not every new Mod needs to be on N4G. It is kind of getting annoying.

john23553d ago

Though I agree that not every Skyrim mod should be posted, these past days we got some must-have graphical mods that literally transform Skyrim. It's not happening every day, so those modders really deserve the spotlight for their hard work

JohnnyMann4203553d ago

Nah, to be honest unless it is a overhaul (like a community made expansion) then why is it news? All modders hang out at the same places anyways and see the mods on release.

I don't think that a texture pack by a modder for Skyrim is news at all.

sagapo3553d ago

@Johnny; I can agree and understand what you're saying, but how many articles on N4G are about "5 reasons why you want a xbox/ps3" or "10 games xbox players want from PS3" ... now those are stupid articles and have no newsvalue in any way and daily find a place on the website.
I prefer news over a new mod in that case.

Si-Fly3552d ago

Santa obviously didn't bring Johnny a gaming PC for Christmas , maybe next year mate ...

JohnnyMann4203551d ago

I got Skyrim on Steam and a kick butt PC.

I go to the nexus for my skyrim mods, dude.

yewles13553d ago

WHY should I give my money to Bethesda if THESE guys are doing a better job?

kaveti66163553d ago

Bethesda makes the bulk of the game, the stuff that actually matters.

Graphical overlays are relatively easier to make. Bethesda is also developing the tools to allow modders to do this kind of stuff.

Your argument is really irritating. Bethesda could just as easily not allowed modding on their game, and their game would be fine (on PC at least) without mods. Why is it that you're criticizing them for not only allowing modders to make mods, but also taking the time to develop the toolset so modders can do this more easily?

Tony P3552d ago

"WHY should I give my money to Bethesda if THESE guys are doing a better job?"

You can say that when unofficial patches fix 90% of the game's bugs. Just wait for it.

It *will* happen.

MWH3553d ago

impressive! keep it up guys and thank you.