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VGBlogger writes: "PlayStation Move came into its own as a leading force in motion control gaming in 2011, and now, as we ring in 2012, it is a great time to hop aboard the Move train and set a New Year’s resolution to play more with motion control. Doubly so with the “Play Days” promotion underway. Many accessories and bundles are being sold for discounted rates at all major retailers through January 21st.

Sony’s futuristic, glowing ice cream cone of a controller features prominently (although optionally) in many core first-party franchise titles, giving players new ways to experience games like Killzone 3, SOCOM 4 and Resistance 3, if they so choose to put down their trusty DualShock and give motion control a whirl. Choice is a beautiful thing.

As expected, Move has also helped broaden the PS3 library with more content focused on family and party gaming as well as games of great pick-up-and-play gratification that fulfill complimentary roles in a well-rounded game collection. Put simply: There is a lot of Move-enabled software for PS3 owners to choose from.

Not all Move games are worth your while and some boxes you see with the inviting “PlayStation Move Compatible” logo on the cover are shamefully deceiving. (Sorry, a game with motion control tacked on to a skimpy mini-game mode seperate from the main content is a total scam.) But lend me your ears (or eyes, in this case) and I think I can help guide you on your way to a fruitful PS Move gaming experience."

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GribbleGrunger2531d ago

i hope this get approved just so that we can stop the whole, Move has no games nonsense. nice article and well presented. a must for the MOVE enthusiast and those that are sitting on the fence

LOGICWINS2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

Who said Move has "no games"? Clearly it has games, the question is whether it has games that people want to play.

For me, the purchase was worth it, but I only have two games for it at the moment(Killzone 3 and Infamous 2). Both are great...but I want more.

Most of the games on the list are "kid friendly titles that I'm not into. What Move needs is more exclusive mature titles.

GribbleGrunger2531d ago

fair point. have a bubble. i would recommend LBP2 Move edition. it was what MOVE was made for... seriously good. what's more, you never run out of games to play on the MOVE because the community is so darn great

LOGICWINS2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

I tried LBP 2 and its not my kind of game. The levels I've seen on Youtube are incredible, but I don't have the patience to create levels like that. Infamous 2's UCG is easier for me to grasp and has a more mature theme, which is what I'm into.

VGBMatt2531d ago

There are a good number of non-kiddie Move titles. KZ3 and Infamous 2 as you mentioned, plus Resistance 3, SOCOM 4, RE5, Heavy Rain and MAG also work great with Move. House of the Dead and No More Heroes aren't exclusives, but both are VERY mature.

LOGICWINS2531d ago

@VGBMatt- I hear Resistance 3 has a great campaign so I hope to try it out eventually. RE5 should be super cheap now so I might buy that as well.

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kikizoo2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

great article, short reviews, but it's enough to know exactly what the game is...real gamers are better than overbooked reviewers/fanboys/paid by others brands guys.

one of the first "sport champion" review saying the truth about table tennis. (unlike stupid gamekult and others dumb haters)

VGBMatt2530d ago

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! There's a lot of great Move software out there that too often gets overlooked. Hopefully this helps to show that.