Sony Patents Reveal New Motion Controller Technologies

Could a new PlayStation Move be on the way?

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Kurisu1950d ago

I purchased a PSVR on Black Friday. Move controllers were out of stock at the time but I managed to get some a couple weeks ago. Now there are talks of a new control scheme? I'm not made of money, Sony!

KyRo1950d ago

You sound like one of those Apple brats that moan to mummy because the iPhone X is out now and your 8 is now obsolete (even though it's not) because it opens a app 0.00000032ms faster and takes slightly nicer photos.

Sony cannot stop producing new hardware because a few people pick up late in the cycle. Besides companies patent ideas years and even decades before products hit shelves. This might be a PS6 idea let alone a PS4 or 5. Your PSVR and Move remotes are perfect for what's available now.

chris2351950d ago

jesus. these controllers do not cost a fortune.

sampsonon1950d ago

sell them and put the money towards the new ones. i know, common sense.

bahabeast1950d ago

well when you think about it those move controllers are from the ps3 generation soo ypu can continue using, if you upgrade im sure they will work with ps5 whenever that launches.

Rude-ro1950d ago

Or Microsoft that has released two upgraded Xbox ones... am I right?!

Venoxn4g1950d ago

Maybe I would say the same, BUT...not in this case, because PSVR just begs to have moves this analog sticks on a long time PSVR owner I know the pain of some games to fontrol just because they lack then it would habe advantage, especially in first person games like Raw data, Windlands (ps move controller scheme), Paranormal Activity, Doom, Skyrim (I mean those games are fully playable and even decent controlled, but mate, I know that it would be much more pleasant to have an optimal control I would doubt they would drop old PS Moves control schemes from games.. new controllers just would enhance the whole experience in a better way..

On topic.. I neee moves with analogs for this gen PSVR in my life! :)

DarXyde1950d ago

Knowing Sony, I think 4 things can become of this patent:

- it is a revision intended for use with PSVR.

- it will be created as a just-in-case to be shelved until a later date (or forever; a patent doesn't mean it needs to be produced).

- it's preliminary work on what's to come with PS5.

- This is how Sony intends to answer Switch's mechanics.

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THEDON82z11950d ago

PS5 tech at a glimpse...!!!

Neonridr1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

if these come to light I wonder if Sony would have to release an updated tracking camera. Not sure if the existing one could track things like LEDs or whatever this newer design would utilize for tracking purposes.

ILostMyMind1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

The Move controllers uses LED.

Neonridr1950d ago

visible LED light, yes. I was more or less referring to infrared LED lights like the Vive and Rift track. Since it's apparent that this new design doesn't rely on the silly balls anymore.

ILostMyMind1950d ago

I think Vive and Rift use lasers.

thorstein1950d ago

You realize you are talking to THE VR Internet Expert, don't you. And not just VR, PSVR expert at that. The comments are amazing from this guy. He owns a PS4 pro, XboxOneX, PSVR, Oculus and either an 8K or 4K TV and knocks down PSVR because he has to switch cables... instead of buying a $30 switch so he wouldn't have to switch his cables.....

StockpileTom1951d ago

What beloved IP will be thrown under the bus and have motion controls shoehorned-in by executive mandate this time?

Rimeskeem1951d ago

I don’t think Sony has ever forced a dev to make a certain game utilize certain tools.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I1950d ago

Socom 4. Killed the franchise with it.

PygmelionHunter1950d ago

Invizimals, Lair, Tearaway, Uncharted: Golden Abyss...

Motion controls are not a bad thing when used properly though.

morganfell1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

None. This is Sony, not some other company that puts hardware above games.

"Socom 4. Killed the franchise with it."

No. The game wasn't true to Socom and that had nothing to do with motion controls.

Nitrowolf21950d ago

It's odd that people are saying motion controller killed the game when that was completely optional.

It's like you said it wasn't a true Socom game

InTheZoneAC1950d ago

Zipper and socom 4 is what bungie is doing to destiny 2. Going against all the feedback acting like we're idiots and they know what's best

Knushwood Butt1950d ago

Have good memories of playing Socom 4 online coop with motion controls, but I was new to the franchise so didn't have any preconceptions.

fenome1950d ago

A while back (I think possibly before the new God of War was announced, I can't remember) Shu said he played God of War in VR, I wonder if the new one will have some kind of VR mode.

manabyte771950d ago

What PSVR game has had motion control “shoehorned” in at all? You just sound like a VR hater.

Neonridr1950d ago

well what's the point of VR if not for motion control?

FPS_D3TH1950d ago

Umm... VR. Is that a real question or...? This isn’t Kinect lol

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1nsomniac1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Sony really have to get their act together with communication between departments. They look like complete amateur morons at the moment!

Releasing PSVR & Pro together but not making them fully compatible. Forcing them to upgrade to a PSVR v2 almost straight out the gate. Then releasing a PS Move v2 while not fixing its main problem, no thumb stick. Now v2 has not even made it to retail in most countries despite the fact it was supposed to be ready for last October. They’re already talking about PS Move v3.

Whatever clowns are making the decisions & designing them all need firing! They couldn’t arrange a dribbling competition at a nursery!

Goldby1950d ago

how is a psvr and pro not fully compatible. i ahve both and i dont seem to have nay issues with mine.

1nsomniac1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

No HDR passthrough. You know.... The entire & only reason we got a PSVR v2..???

Goldby1950d ago


except you know, they updated the parts on the psvr to make it cheaper for them to make it....

it wasn't just because of the passthrough. but hey, haters gotta hate am i right

Atticus_finch1950d ago

You're talking nonsense. There is no V3 and v1 and v2 are basically the same.

1nsomniac1950d ago

The article is about a PS Move v3.

V2 has micro USB port instead of mini, larger battery & it’s now also believed that Sony has also quietly improved the tracking slightly.

jukins1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

lol not fully compatible? let me guess you're talking about the hdr? slight annoyance if you actually have an hdr tv. funny thing almost every psvr game has multiple control schemes so if you dont have the newest you'll more than likely be able to play

also what are you talking about ps move v2? the moves that accompanied the psvr launch were the exact same as ps3. a year later some minor upgrades mostly hdr passthrough is all thats in the psvr "upgrade" you're ascting as if they totally redesigned the psvr and made the orginal obsolette. do you even have vr? I mean honestly lets look at the facts psvr is outselling all other full featured vr sets by almsot 2:1 combined. are they really making the wrong decisions or are you just mad you dont have vr?

1nsomniac1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Yes, 4K & HDR Passthrough. Their new PS Pro was advertised as this 4K, HDR machine. Then they rediculously released a peripheral that requires to be connected to the HDMI output yet wasn’t capable of proper 4K or HDR passthrough meaning every time someone wanted to use it they had to climb in the back of the console to disconnect the wires to swap them over. So they were forced to quickly release a v2 annoying everyone who had already bought one me included. Through false advertising, misleading information & pure stupidity.

There is a v2 PS Move already. It was supposed to be released as far back as last October. It’s been released already in Japan but hasn’t made it anywhere else yet. Which is why it’s so hard to pick up a PS Move controller lately because Sony are holding on to all the new stock because they want to misinform & sell people like you all the old stock so they’re not left with any.

Neonridr1950d ago

slight annoyance if you have an HDR TV? That is the whole point to the Pro in the first place, having a 4K TV.

Believe me, it's not slight. And the solution is ridiculous at best. It was an oversight by Sony, admit it. Glad they at least rectified it for new purchasers, but it was still a sting to use early adopters.

If I leave the processing box hooked up, then I have to swap the HDMI cable from the processing box back to the PS4 if I want to play Pro games with HDR. Not ideal to continually remove and plug in HDMI cables over and over, unnecessary wear on the HDMI ports.

Or I can use extra cables and an HDMI switch to split the feed depending on if I am playing a standard PS4 game or a PSVR game. But then that also eats up another HDMI slot on the back of my TV which is already maxed out with 4 different devices. So then that brings in another HDMI splitter into the equation. Fun with cables everywhere.. regardless it's absurd that I have to do this in the first place, and there is no acceptance for that.

Goldby1950d ago


the problem with you and 1insomniacs argument is the fact that PS4 on their own also support HDR, so how do you explain your points when it comes to the normal ps4 and not just the pros.

if the pros were just made for 4k, they wouldn't have added HDR to og ps4s as well, they would have forced people to upgrade to the pros just to get that tech, but it is included.

ILostMyMind1950d ago

You got alot downvotes but i agree with you.

fenome1950d ago

Wild guess here, but VR just became feasible on a mainstream level. Every single person who dabbles in it is going to be tinkering and modifying it on the fly as they go. It's something that is constantly going to improve because of it though. Early adopters have always had to deal with growing pains, that's just the way it is.

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1-pwnsause-11950d ago

dont think so, maybe for PSVR2 and PS5....i just dont think its viable to do it now, when PS move is now selling thanks to PSVR