Msxbox - 2011 Games of the year

Msxbox-world: We're quite a diverse bunch of gamers at Msxbox-world, all playing different games and all having our own individual opinions which can sometimes lead to conflicting views. It's perhaps hard then for us to collectively decide which single game would be worthy of the prestigious game of the year award for obvious reasons. We could all jump into a boxing ring and smack seven shades of crap out of each other, with the last man standing being declared the winner, and their choice absolute, but that would be pretty draconian and perhaps only reflective on who was the better boxer. So, this year we've decided to do things a little differently and present our game of the year on an individual basis, where each person validates their choice. What's likely is we'll hold a separate discussion (no boxing gloves allowed) and perhaps have them independently assessed to determine what our overall game of the year will be. It sounds like it could be a nightmare, but who knows. So without further introduction, here are our individual game of the year choices.

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Gearshead752483d ago

So winner by decision is GEARS OF WAR 3!!! Was nice to Bastion in there, a great game (and a XBLA title at that). Its rare to come across a downloadable title only that can compete with the big boys. The only one I can think of I loved more than any other full retail game was Braid.

Noteworthy2482d ago

Skyrim is an overtly popular choice so it's good to see an arcade game in there for once, and a quality one. Gears of War 3 is arguably deserved... matter of taste.

bunt-custardly2482d ago

Got to be between Gears and Batman. I loved the start of Batman playing as Bruce Wayne, a real different perspective and good to see Wayne incorporated into the game in similar vein to film and TV.

Gears though might just take it for me, the combination of all the parts proves to be a beast of an entertainment package that is hard to beat.

killasder2482d ago

lol @ a beast of an entertainment package that is hard to beat.... horrible voice acting as always..