GATT: Skyrim, the Game That Almost Made GamerX Give Up Reviewing

GATT’s GamerX: It is on a rare occasion that you come across a turning point in a franchise’s history. I played, but never finished Elder Scrolls III Morrowind, and Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion; Why? Simply because I got bored in the games before the arc was done. Enter The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, a game lauded by many people as one of the finest games in history, and with good reason it is. In fact, playing Skyrim for 130 hours without even knowing that I had been playing that long made me re-think game reviewing as a whole.

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ilovemyps32484d ago

Good review.
For the first time,after reading hundreds of reviews,I feel like I need to pick this,you just said the right words.

Bigpappy2484d ago

I didn't write this review, I swear. I you check my history you will see I am a huge Morrowind fan.

I agree with everything except loosing interest in Morrowind. May be he was still to young to appreciate Morrowind. It was a game ahead of it's time.

Coke-a-Cola2481d ago

Great Review , One of the best .

Too many reviews get into all this silly detail and miss the big picture ...... speaking of big . This game has swallowed me whole . I can remember only a handfull of games that have so completely consumed me ...... but not for over 300 hours .......... and even more shocking I have only seen half at most .

Excuse me ...... Click , Whir )) )))))