Final Fantasy X remake provides hope for FFVII fans

Product-Reviews writes: Considering the fact that the company are remaking Final Fantasy X and not just giving this a HD remake shows that the company still have what it takes to deliver a quality game, and who’s to say that they won’t go on and remake Final Fantasy VII, FFVIII and FFIX in the future. Those games are obviously the cream of the crop as far as every Final Fantasy fan is concerned and it would be easy money if they did choose to remake them.

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tr00p3r2485d ago

FFX was a great game, underrated for sure. Looking forward to playing again on PS3 and maybe even picking up the game save on Vita? Nice.

Studio-YaMi2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

I read on the that the game will not just be an hd version,they will actually make it a remake using the final fantasy 13 graphics engine,although it's a rumor.

here it is :

"Square Enix's Yoshinori Kitase revealed that the Final Fantasy X HD Remake for PS3 and PS Vita is in early development. Rumors from the media also stated that remake will not be a simple HD Remaster version, instead the game run on the FFXIII game engine, all characters, scenes and summon aeons will be redrawn, and special effects in magic and other scenes will make use of the Luminous Engine, the Blitz Ball mini game will have some improvements; and the game will have Network support."

tr00p3r2485d ago

Sounds fantastic. Blitzball was a bit tedious though last time I remember.

MasterCornholio2485d ago

Network support? I wonder what they mean by that. Maybe blitzball will have multiplayer that would be cool.

Also its pretty impressive that they will use 13s engine to remake the game. Should look way better than X on the PS2 and that game was very pretty.

Nate-Dog2485d ago

As far as I know the rumours about this game being an actual remake came from an article on a Spanish website which was mis-translated.

As for hopes over VII-IX being remade because FFX is just getting a HD remake, I doubt it.

TopDudeMan2485d ago

I played FFX not long ago, but these improvements might make it worth playing again.

Chrono2484d ago

It's just a rumor. If they were going to completely remake a game, they would rather remake FF7 because they know there's far more demand for it. It's probably just an HD remaster with some additions.

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Eamon2484d ago

lol Final Fantasy X was hardly underrated. It received widespread critical acclaim and is probably the second most popular Final Fantasy after Final Fantasy VII.

Marceles2484d ago

Funny thing is, it was rated the best Final Fantasy game in a Famitsu poll. That might be one of the reasons why they chose to remake it, but then again...we know how much Square Enix listens to their fans........ *pause*

Megaman_nerd2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

FFX underrated? What?

And why are people getting so exited over new character models and some filters? Because you and me know that's is what they are gonna do anyway. Square is not remaking the game on a current gen engine, they are just updating some stuff here and there just like Kojima did for Meal Gear. Metal Gear were 3 games while FFX is just 1. I wonder what will be the price for just one HD re-release.

MasterCornholio2485d ago

Final Fantasy X was a great game and i will buy it for the Vita. But honestly i want to see a new title from square for the Vita. If they make a new Tactics it would be killer for the Vita.

Redempteur2485d ago

not really , it's much easier to redo a ps2 in Hd ( as proven by teh various Hd collection ) than to do the same with a ps1 game.

For a PS2 game as long as they have the original assets all they have to do is to rewirte the graphical side to the engine while upgrading the textures.

For a PS1 game , they have to redo everything.

There is no hope. FF7 remake won't happen because no one exist up to the task and nobody wants to do it at squareenix.

( i know i'll get a lot of disagree from angry fans ) but it's the truth

miyamoto2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

but the irony is they are remaking completely, "FFX all characters, scenes and summon aeons will be redrawn, and special effects in magic and other scenes will make use of the Luminous Engine"

So why can't they do it for FF VII?

Maybe Sony have something to say about all FF made on PlayStation machines?

Redempteur2484d ago

i'll requote myself to answer you (because you don't wanna see the truth )

"FF7 remake won't happen because no one exist up to the task and nobody wants to do it at squareenix"

ps921172485d ago

Yes we have had hope ever since the PS2 came out.

But FFX remakes looks good too.

DivineHand1252485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

i hope they treat this remake with respect by using the ff13 engine and not just upscale the textures like what Sony does with their remakes.

That said i would have rather had them remake something they released on the ps1 like ff7, ff8 or ff9 because i believe that the graphics on those are so bad compared to today's standards that many gamers would find them hard to play based on that barrier alone.

resistance1002485d ago

Sony haven't remade any games...................just remastered them.

Big difference with a Remake and a remaster

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