Remembering the Best JRPGs on the PS2

The list is as long as it would take you to grind through Dragon Quest VIII. Here are the best JRPGs on the PlayStation 2.

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RpgSama65d ago

Good list, kudos for adding Shadow Hearts, Covenant is probably the best Jrpg most people have not played and what an improvement over the first one (plus ties with Koudelka which is an awesome game as well).

jznrpg65d ago

I own all 3 of those games with 2 copies of Koudelka on PS1 just in case one of the four discs crapped out on me . Same with Legend of Dragoon. That’s one thing I want Sony to get back into , JRPGs , action and turned based

Melankolis65d ago

Yep, they should have at least 1 Japanese studio with 2 teams in it specialize in JRPG.

RavenWolfx65d ago

The amount of time I bring up Covenant when referring to amazing RPGs is astounding.

RedDevils65d ago

Still my favorite JRPG on PS2.

FinalFantasyFanatic64d ago

I wish I had played the other Shadow Hearts games, didn't know there was so many until later in the PS3 generation, at that point they hard to get for a reasonable price. I only got to play Covenant sadly, hopefully they'll all get ported to modern systems at some point.

65d ago
sadraiden65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Take a look at the libraries of your favorite consoles. I guarantee you, other than a handful of fighting games better suited on the Dreamcast, PS2 still has the best, biggest, and most varied library. Literally something for everyone. JRPGs on PS1 and PS2 really were special.

Edit: the article basically just lists every single JRPG on PS2 lol

Terry_B65d ago lists only 33 of them. There are probably over 150 ;)

DrDoomer65d ago

Who's gonna tell them that Persona 4 came out on the PS2?

andy8565d ago

DQVIII would be so good to be added to the new service

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The story is too old to be commented.