The PlayStation Portal Remote Player is back in stock at most retailers now

Want to snag the PlayStation Portal Remote Player? It's finally available at multiple retailers right now.

Neonridr40d ago

we don't know how many they made to be honest. It continued to sell out, but if stock was limited to begin with, then that doesn't paint the entire picture.

That being said, good for those who use and enjoy it.

Abnor_Mal40d ago

Interesting that we don’t have any sales numbers, when Sony said that they will be counting the peripheral as a console.

Neonridr40d ago

@Abnor_Mal - yeah, personally I consider it a peripheral like a controller.

anast40d ago

It means after they sold out of the limited stock there is still demand. Most people weren't expecting the Portal to run through the limited stock. In other words , it sold like crazy.


Astro's Playroom, Spider-Man 2 among PlayStation Portal's most-played launch games

Sony's pseudo-PlayStation Portal is proving itself to be pretty useful in the hands of PlayStation 5 players in more ways than one.

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New PlayStation Portal remote player system software update releases tomorrow

Sign-in screen support for select public Wi-Fi networks and other enhancements added; popular games on PS Portal also revealed.

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Abnor_Mal5d ago

I’m always playing Spiderman2 and Bloodborne on my Portal.

Great news about the battery life being shown in percentages, and the touch screen areas showing what movements you’re doing by displaying on the screen.

just_looken5d ago

Its almost to what a 2010 smart phone had

Abnor_Mal5d ago

An 8 inch screen and controllers on the side with haptics and adaptive triggers?

How ever would it fit into one’s pocket?

just_looken5d ago

It has heptic everyone its a miracle call the churches

Everything else would be called ngage/sony xperia phone/psp/psvita those connected to a cell network for communication the xperia phone ngae did do phone call's/texting.

Or you can go the android game phone route lots of those.

Then you got the adapters for full controllers connection to any android device of the last 8 years.

But like apple that has people screaming for how awesome they are do to the new 1500 phone being able to move icons sony can show off a wireless speaker they got at dollar store for $5 but sell it too you for $80 because it has a ps logo with there proprietary PlayStation Link connection bs. You all will buy the speaker then thank them like there a god

Zeke685d ago

@just_looken What have any of your comments to do with the Portal update? You know the article you comment on?! You just sound jealous, just get a Portal, we promise we won't tell anyone. I promise!! :)

Personally I would never hook up my devices to an official WiFi as it's too easy to hack, but I use my smartphone as an hotspot and it works great with my Vita wherever I am, as long as my phone has coverage I'm set. So hopefully the Portal will works the same (haven't tried out, might already work)
Battery percentage indicator is great, I will activate that as soon as I get the firmware update.

Hypertension1404d ago


What's your opinion on Microsoft selling a controller with tech that has barely evolved since the 6th gen for $60?($85 with a battery pack)
What about the SSD with its gen 5 prices at gen 3 speeds?

I only brought up Xbox because only the fanboys seem to have an issue with the device and everyone who likes it is automatically labeled as a Playstation fanboy.

just_looken4d ago


I love it the xbox controller its awesome

I can use my xbox one controller from over 5 years ago on my pc and or series console 0 issues or use a series controller on my pc/one/series 0 issues to pair them is a simple painless process with 2 buttons.

When my xbox controller battery dies i hot swap a new rechargeable pack the old pack goes into a charger were in 40min they are fully charged i get around 45-50 hours according to steam on one battery pack.

On my ps5/ps4 pads i can not use a duelshock 4 or 5 on either system you must use only ps5 pads on ps5 visa versa.

If you want to use a ps controller on pc you need to step though many hopes and use bluethoth or tether to a cord that can come out anytime.

Want to charge a playstation controller well plug it in to get that badass 4=5 hour battery life until the port gets screwed up or the internal battery get's worse.

I personally go though ds4 each year well not for awhile sense my ps5/ps4 have been dusty but when sony had mp games along with sp games i did but i never had to replace a xbox pad.

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The_Hooligan5d ago

With the Wi-Fi update, hopefully cloud streaming is in the future.

MaximusPrime_5d ago

Whenever I'm away from my TV, I still play PS5 remotely using PS Portal. Not once has it disappoint. Nice update, Sony. I wonder what other plans for ps portal that they keep under wrap.

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PlayStation Portal Selling “Better Than Expected,” Says Industry Advisor Who “Underestimated Demand”

The PlayStation Portal has been "exceeding supply for several months" in the US and doing better than it ever was expected to.

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Hugodastrevas39d ago

Damn scalpers, stopping me from playing Stellar Blade in the shitter!

DivineHand12539d ago

There is no way you will be in there long enough to complete a game session.

Zeke6839d ago

@DivineHand Dont underestimate the power of the shitter! ;)