Surfer Girl: Gears of War 2 & 3

The (In)famous Surfer Girl answers a few more questions including one about Gears of War 2.

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MK_Red6034d ago

Could this mean that Gears 3 will be on next Xbox and it comes out in 2010? The way it's written definitly hints at it.

Muppetmeat6034d ago

2010 huh? I better hurry up and lay me down the money for a 360. I wouldn't want to get a brand new console with only 3 years left in the product cycle instead of 4, would I? It's a good thing the 360 is $50 less than the PS3 or I'd feel like I was getting ripped off.

wageslave6034d ago

Who the *f* says that a new Xbox is coming in 2010? Perhaps your spreading FUD? Hmmmm?

Lacarious6033d ago

that site looks like a 10 year old did it and how would she have any tru info on GOW?

Salvadore6034d ago

Gears: 2006
Gears2: 2008
Gears3: 2010

Muppetmeat6034d ago (Edited 6034d ago )

Surfer Girl's a fat 45-year old man who lives in his parents' basement and has never had sex.

Polluted6034d ago

@Muppetmeat: What if it turns out to be Drew Barrymore? Then you'd certainly look the fool. ;-)

MK_Red6034d ago

The thing is that original Gears took more than 2 years to make and even though they have the working engine now, 2008 still seems pretty early considering there has been no buzz or official word and the fact that Epic has been hard at work on UT3 and in 2008, they'll be working on UT3 for 360. Plus, they are already working on UE4.

I say 2009 for Gears 2 and 2012 for 3 (Which may be on Unreal Engine 4).

Salvadore6034d ago (Edited 6034d ago )

According to my Gamereactor Magazine, Epic are about half way in development and planning to announce the game in February. They also mentioned that the game will be scheduled in late 2008 and according to Cliffy, the game looks awesome and will support 4 co-op.

MK_Red6034d ago

Thanks for the info. 4 player co-op in Gears = SICK. I just hope they don't rush it and polish it as much as possible. CliifyB and Epic FTW!

Zhuk6034d ago

Unless they have had the sequel cooking for a while already, I don't see Gears 2 coming out 2008.

It would be great though if it did

socomnick6034d ago

Wow if gears 2 comes out next year it will easily be the top most hyped game of the year. Gears of War is amazing.

Relcom6034d ago (Edited 6034d ago )

Do they have the manpower to pump out the game every two years? I dunno, it would be very impressive if they did.

Man that surfer girl sure knows alot doesn't she ; ] P.S. I think surfer girl is The round peg seeing as every tip for surfer girl is from round peg. Just throwin that out there....