gamrReview 2011 Game of the Year Awards- PSP

gamrReview: Seven years after its release, the PSP is definitely showing the signs of a platform in the twilight of its lifecycle. With PlayStation Vita just around the corner, attention has shifted away from Sony’s first foray into handheld gaming. Nevertheless, 2011 brought a number of great PSP titles that deserve recognition, including classic remakes, improved sequels, and long-awaited resurrections.

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Spenok4558d ago

Most anticipated game: Final Fantasy Type 0... DAMN right! lol, i just hope Square Enix brings it over :(

tiffac0084558d ago

I don't care if its PSN only and is for the PS Vita as long as they localize the game, I'll be happy.


How Final Fantasy’s First M-Rated Game Laid the Foundation for XVI’s Dark Tone

Final Fantasy XVI demonstrates how the franchise has matured since the release of its first M-rated installment, Final Fantasy Type-0.


Type-0 Is The Darkest Final Fantasy Ever Made

DS: “I hate that Type-0 is forgotten among the Final Fantasy games. While not the strongest entry, its mature story makes it stand out from the others. And even though Final Fantasy now has three rated M games — including Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin and Final Fantasy XVI, — Type-0 will always have the crown of being the first, and arguably the darkest.”

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gold_drake378d ago

i agree that it is indeed dark, but it has its issues.

and i feel like the ending is what makes it really a dark final fantasy game.

the rest is more or less war where teenagers fight.

377d ago
fsfsxii377d ago

This game was the epitome of the FF dark age pretty much, was hella boring and the gameplay was tedious. I'm glad SE got the series back on track

gold_drake377d ago

well, it was more of a spin off rly.
especially after they dropped the fabula nova crystalis stuff

H9377d ago

I actually really love this game, the main problem however was that the entire story and personality of the characters, was in the lore that you need to dig very deep to find and external materials outside of the game, honestly it has my favorite lore in the franchise, I wish they had made the game more story focused, god it would have been a masterpiece


The Most Underrated PS1 RPGs

When it comes to the best PlayStation 1 RPGs, we’ve all heard Final Fantasy this, Chrono Chross that. Two problems that emerge when a steady stream of blockbusters are released on a system is is that some of the very good RPGs are crowded out and some games are less great in the eyes of players who experienced the best games on the system.

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RaidenBlack920d ago

Legend of Dragoon Proper Remake!
Enuf said.

Jiub920d ago

I would rather have a Legend of Dragoon remake over all the FF7 ones tbh

bouzebbal920d ago

Some cool games right there.. I will add threads of fate it was an excellent action RPG

RpgSama920d ago

That's a good list, I would add Koudelka, such a great Horror Jrpg and the precursor to the shadow hearts games

bouzebbal919d ago

Oh mannnn! We have a true gamer right here!

Relientk77920d ago

Brave Fencer Musashi and Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together

Magog920d ago

Vagrant Story. So sad it never got a sequel.

pietro1212920d ago (Edited 920d ago )

Agreed. I'd love another Matsuno directed Square-Enix game especially if it took place in Ivalice.

BlaqMagiq1920d ago

Threads of Fate. Deserves a remake. That's all I'm gonna say.

Knightofelemia920d ago (Edited 920d ago )

Parasite Eve and my favorite Xenogears

Jiub920d ago

If they made a Parasite Eve set in NYC that was kinda open world-ish, I'd play every second of it

Fist4achin920d ago

Much needed. I second it for PE.

pietro1212920d ago

Outside of Cyberpunk, you have really good taste in games. ;P

VersusDMC920d ago

They need to stop waisting money on their yearly bombs(quiet man, left alive,balan wonderland) and just remake the first Parasite Eve. Just use the FF7R gameplay(pretty much the next generation PE combat if you think about it) and engine and you're good to go.