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1UP Previews Devil May Cry 4: Built for PS3, Screen Tearing on 360

onAXIS: "The latest 1UP Preview for Capcom's upcoming Devil May Cry 4 reveals some good information for PLAYSTATION 3 players.

In the video, they go into console comparison. Shane Bettenhausen starts speaking "Capcom brought the game in, we got to play it, both the PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360 versions. First thing I noticed, the PLAYSTATION 3 version is better."

Bryan Intihar chimes in on the situation "It's funny. You can tell, this game is built for the PLAYSTATION 3, but moved over to the Xbox 360. As of right now, I think the PLAYSTATION 3 version is better. I saw like screen tearing in the Xbox 360 version. Even like, when you were playing it, it felt better on the PLAYSTATION 3."

Bettenhausen comes back with a "With the triggers on the DUALSHOCK 3/SIXAXIS, it's easier to pull of the moves on the PLAYSTATION 3 versus, the Xbox 360 controller.""

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Duplicate story
but maybe unknown to the writer
DevastationEve6062d ago WhoDisagree(0)Agree(0)
Duplicate story
earlier post by 1UP
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Duplicate story
sticky doja6063d ago WhoDisagree(0)Agree(0)
Duplicate story
It is pretty much the earlier posted 1up preview.
jackdoe6063d ago WhoDisagree(0)Agree(0)
Duplicate story
It's a transcript of a video that's already been posted: (1UP previews Devil May Cry 4)
ktchong6063d ago WhoDisagree(0)Agree(0)
This is flamebait and essentially duplicate as it is text translation of the narrative from the 1up vid preview ALREADY POSTED ON N4G!!!
Rybnik6063d ago WhoDisagree(0)Agree(0)
Duplicate story
This is nothing but the same video that is already posted and the quotes are taken directly from the video.
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jiggyjay6063d ago (Edited 6063d ago )

Lazy Devs! Once they know how to run all the all powerful 360 they will be able to make better ports...

Hmmm who do I sound like?

Yes i'm mocking you PS3 fangirls!

Edit- LOL! I'm not jealous at all.. Not too much of a fan of hack and slash games! But if I paid $600 for a gaming console for this game which turned out to be more of a DVD player I would be jealous of the 360! PS3 FanGirls are clowns! Keep listening to Sony and their bull they keep feeding you!

4D Graphics- yeah where is that?
Rumble was last gen- here comes DS3..
$600 is actually cheap for the PS3- sure it was!
No price drop for the PS3 this year- LoL how much is the PS3 now?
Next Gen doesn't start till we say so.- yeah if the games for the ps3 are truly next gen then gaming is going to suck like Lair did!

LinuxGuru6063d ago (Edited 6062d ago )

jiggy's got a case of jealousy, if you ask me.

Obviously, you own a 360.

Seems maybe the 360 is starting to hit a glass ceiling in terms of graphical capability.

Unfortunate, to say the least.

** Ok jiggy, now you've hit a nerve.

4D Graphics- yeah where is that -----(DO you even know what 4D gaming is? 4D gaming is the progression of life over time....something only the PS3's cell processor can handle. It's the real-time degradation of eveything around you. Bathroom getting dirty....tiles cracking...pipes rusting....rain eroding a roof in takes SO LONG for the 360's xenon processor to run something like this that it's been deemed impossible to do on the 360 in real time. Go ahead...research it if you want to. Refute me. Challenge me. I don't care, because you can't prove me wrong on this)

Rumble was last gen- here comes DS3------Sony admitted a mistake, and at least they are making up for it. Yeah, so you win on this one.

$600 is actually cheap for the PS3- sure it was! that time, the PS3 cost about 825-850 U.S. dollars to manufacture. At the time, stand-alone blu-ray players were almost twice the cost of the PS3, which has a built-in blu-ray player. Sony at that time lost about 250 bucks on every console they sold! How about THAT for sacrifice, eh?

No price drop for the PS3 this year- LoL how much is the PS3 now? ------ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA where have you been? The PS3 went from 499 (60 / 80 GB) and way down to ..... 399 (40GB model)

That's STILL a killer deal considering what you get inside the system.

ALso, all sku's available now come with built-in wifi, which is an extra 100 bucks for 360 owners.

I can't stand you. Say hello to my ignore button.

Next Gen doesn't start till we say so.- yeah if the games for the ps3 are truly next gen then gaming is going to suck like Lair did! ------- What the hell is "next gen" anyways? Besides defining the next lineup of console successors, there's no real definition in regards to actual games themselves. Is it the polygon count? Is it the lighting? Is it the textures? Is it the controls? Is it the story? Is it....even any of that at all?

razer6063d ago

Do you remember the Sony reaction when people told them that their console must of hit it's limit when the countless of ports from the 360 to the PS3 looked like crap??

It has not hit it's limits and this game isn't even on the shelves yet. Don't you think that maybe these problems could be worked out by then?

LinuxGuru6063d ago (Edited 6063d ago )

While graphical problems seem fixable, they aren't always dealt with by the time of release.

That's the sad truth.

I wouldn't put your money on them fixing every issue.

Also, keep in mind that the 360 is now entering its 3rd year (end of second year was last month), and I am wholly expecting a levelling-off of graphics for the system's games.

However, the PS3 is a full year behind, and yet was still able to hold somewhat of a candle to 360 versions of the same game.

Now that the PS3, in only the beginning of the second year of its existence, is starting to show major signs of overtaking the 360 graphically...

that's what is really starting to impress me.

The PS3 is starting to gain more of a wide acceptance in the development community, as more and more are moving from "the cell is a waste of time" camp to the "it actually is worth working with" bandwagon.

The same happened to the PS2, and it happened again with the PS3.

Developers are starting to realize the PS3's worth, and I hope this is a start of a serious trend, developing games for the PS3 first, then going to the 360.

Also, it's shown that the porting process is easier for developers, and yields better results, when games are ported from PS3 to 360.

So....maybe 360 gamers can and should start thanking Sony for making the PS3 a better platform to port from.

Danja6063d ago (Edited 6063d ago )

In the end the PS3 version of this game will be the most polished...the game isn't that far off so don't expect the 360 version to match that of the PS3....and why hasn't any 360 game been able to look better than GeOW..yup 360 hit the ceiling in the graphics department..

and the only reason why Capcom made this game multi-plat was at the time the PS3 was getting hit from all angles with negative press Capcom got a lil cold feet and went Multi plat with this even though I really don't care as long as it's on the PS3 im good.

Does anyone know if Dead Rising 2 will be on the PS3 also..?

krackchap6063d ago (Edited 6063d ago )

good luck playing and mastering the game using the 360 awesome(/sarcasm) D-pad bot.
so basically crapcoms first PS3 game runs better than the 360 version.good news for games like resident evil 5

LinuxGuru6063d ago (Edited 6062d ago )

Capcom's first game this generation...

Dead Rising (x360)

Zack and Wiki - (Wii)

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles (Wii)

Moto GP 07 - (x360 / PS2)

Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations (NDS)

Lost Planet (x360 / PS3 - soon)

and now...

DMC 4 (PS3 / x360)


Most games don't even bring a profit unless it becomes a world-wide smash hit.

And you can stop targeting my comments, now.

I do not have a big mouth, I only state fact, and I do not "fabricate" anything.

This IS a trend, whether you like it or not, and luck hasn't a goddamned thing to do with it.

Sorry to burst your big bubble, but nothing you say or do can change the fact that Sony is on a serious upswing.

** I am not a motherf*cking fanboy, I own every single console from the 6th and 7th generations (yes, including the Wii).

And as for you disputing any of my factual claims...that's your problem. Reality will soon set in and make itself known to you...

Oh and we already have rumble. You can get it from Japan. You can import it. What, are your eyes and mind closed to anything outside of the U.S.?

play-asia . com / paOS-14-71-bm-49-en . html

I spaced it out because we can't link in these boards, but that's an import site where you can buy DUAL SHOCK 3 controllers NOW.

And yes...they work on AMerican PS3s.

Also, search for DLB on youtube, and look for mrjiggaman's dual shock 3 video.

Once again, you decide to sound authoritative on your claims, yet I have once again refuted you and given evidence to support my claim.

Can't you get anything through your thick head?

littletad6063d ago (Edited 6062d ago )

This "transition" your talking about, it sure isn't happening as you fabricate it to be. 360 still has a lead in terms of hardware sales over the ps3. Software sales, the 360 continues to dominate. The ps3's biggest titles of 2007 still haven't even hit the 400k mark. How do you expect the developers of those great games were able to reach their development costs in profit return? Fact is, the cell is still hard to work with, it's still expensive, and there just isn't a good install base to begin with. Try fabricating that Titan. And keep in mind that DMC4 was in development first for the ps3. A lucky break for Sony? I think so.

Sorry to burst YOUR bubble Titan, but nothing you say at all has been fact. Everything involving Sony is "superior" (your favorite word) to your delusional mind. And I'm not following your comments with pleasure, but scrutinizing your fanboyish and ridiculous claims. I'm simply "countering".

TheSadTruth6062d ago (Edited 6062d ago )

Nothing more than Sony propaganda (just like this entire site). Bryan Intihar is the PS3 preview editor at 1up and says things like this constantly. As far as this site being a medium for pushing the PlayStation 3, just look at the news post right above this and the Agrees / Disagrees and you will see them in Sony's favor despite it being an article that supposedly says the 360 is the superior version for Assassin's Creed.

Here you go, enjoy:

mesh16062d ago

ahhhh now i see why dmc4 looks like crap its was built on the ps3 ahhh now i see

PS3PCFTW6062d ago (Edited 6062d ago )

sony playstations have killed many a console for many generations with slow sales during their first launch year. They also made every analyst that said "the playstations will fail", seem like a total loser when they were proved wrong. Same brand that practically forced the industry to go into discbased media and forget about cartridges. HDDVD IS ON ITS LAST BREATH....and so are you bots. THE 360 WILL BE THE NEXT TO DIE @ THE HANDS OF SONY.

lol, just remember that the ps1 and ps2 were also considered failures by EVERYONE when they analized sonys 1st year. Like history has shown us, THE TURNAROUND IS ALREADY BEGINNING FOR THE PS3 @1.1 years old. So right on schedule, when you look at ps1 and ps2 ...wouldnt you say? its that simple. Its right in front of your face.

of course the 360 beginning to get outclassed makes you a "LITTLETAD" nervous, and angered about "THE SAD TRUTH" regarding the 360's future.
You guys deny it, but ive been expecting it since i bought the ps3 and ps2 after learning from my ps1...............slow first year, MURDERING SPREE ON ITS SECOND.

PS3 games such as hs, udf,wh,lair,gthd are just a tease of the ps3's capabilities. Consider it the ps3 on training wheels as devs learn to use the hardware. You guys hate the fact that those training wheels are starting to come off. ps3 owners in america will love and enjoy this gen and further forget that a 360 exists. JUST LIKE THE REST OF THE WORLD HAS

face the facts.


sonarus6062d ago

to be perfectly honest i believe the 360 has reached its limit with gears of war cus a yr later there are no games that look better than it on your console. I expect gears of war 2 will look a tad bit better but dnt expect anymore graphicsl leaps for gears. PS3 has uncharted right now as their best lookin game which arguable looks better than gears and dnt go posting over polished screen shots to try to argue against. If in a yrs time there have been no significant ps3 jumps then am gonna see uncharted as the peak or near peak of ps3 performance. As of now gears is still the best looking game on the 360 and its a good game as that cnt wait for gears 2.

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ruibing6063d ago

I hope this means DMC 4, Lost Planet, and RE 5 will all have very solid gameplay when they debut on the PS3.

LinuxGuru6063d ago (Edited 6063d ago )

Considering Capcom's superior PS3 development of THIS title, I wonder how Lost Planet will turn out for PS3.

Maybe after possibly seeing superior results on the PS3 development of Lost Planet, they felt that it was the way to go for future games?

Here's hoping!

Keowrath6062d ago

Seriously, I'm hoping the same thing for Bionic Commando too.

Maddens Raiders6063d ago (Edited 6063d ago )

this will be the norm going forward. 3 weeks left before the 360 is laid to rest. *Don't call it a comeback.

MADGameR6063d ago

It would make sense that the PS3 version looks better because it is ported over to the 360. It also makes sense why the 360 games ported to the PS3 looked better on 360. They have to try to make it for BOTH consoles without porting. So all along, the 360 multi plat games looked BETTER on the 360 because it was PORTED over to the PS3 NOT because 360 has better hardware. Both seem to be even in hardware but the PS3 has a lot more to be tapped into so the PS3 tips the 360 over a bit. Even if DMC4 was made for both systems without port, the PS3 version would be slightly better anyway because of the controls. Its more made for the PS3.

LeonSKennedy4Life6062d ago

Love the new avatar!

Also...DMC4 looks better than Dead, why is everyone knocking the graphics when it's using the same engine? You people really need to try harder than that...

allforcalisto6063d ago

glad its not the other way round for once.

solidt126062d ago

More than once. Oblivion and Call of Duty 4 looks better on the PS3 because the developers took there time and got it right. And so will Lost Planet.

lilgringo6062d ago

Weren't Oblivion released like a year later on the ps3? Also, i thought that CoD4 looked the same on both the 360 and the PS3, could be wrong though

TheMART6062d ago

@ Soidt Wrong.

Oblivion came ONE FULL YEAR after the 360 release, that was almost a direct PC port on the 360 (they released it simultanously on PC/360 and the 360 was just out), PS3 version was just a tad better with a full year extra development time. The 360 version has been updated with a graphics patch and the GOTY edition came totally on par with the PS3 version out of the box.

COD4 running footage are both versions about the same. In stills and texture comparisons though, the 360 version is once again on top in quality, watch these texture comparison:

So you're pretty much way off. PS3 just about always has the worst multiplatform versions of games.