Ranking All 6 Devil May Cry Games: from Dismal to Smokin' Sexy

Edgar writes: "In this expansive list, we rank the 6 currently released Devil May Cry games in order: from worst to best"

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bloodymeatballz580d ago

DMC 3? Is number one what the ???!!

Nebaku580d ago

Yes 3.

4 and 5 have improved fighting sure, but their narratives aren't as tight as 3's was, and the combat being spread across multiple characters wasn't as satisfying and just mastering Dante in three.

meep316579d ago

Most people would say 3 is the best.

PhantomS42580d ago

DmC shouldn't be on this list and DMC2 is far more playable than that pile of trash.

Nebaku580d ago

I hate DmC with a burning passion and even I admit that's BS. DmC was painfully bland but at least it was finished unlike 2.

Poopmist580d ago

DmC is a much better game tho

DarXyde580d ago

I didn't like DmC but, in my opinion, it was a better game than DMC2.

PhantomS42580d ago

Nah, DMC2 gets a lot of hate it doesn't deserve. Certainly at the bottom of the list but still leaps and bounds better than DmC.

DarXyde580d ago

That is, of course, a matter of opinion. DmC was more cringe than objectively bad game. I hated the controls and narrative, but the game itself played "okay".

DMC2 took a lot of things that made the first Devil May Cry successful and disregarded them. For goodness sake, you can get through Dante Must Die mode with your pistols.

Masterchief_thegoat579d ago

4 was very repetitive and boring. 315dmc42 in order

Poopmist577d ago

That's fair. I just tried the older ones for the first time recently so they just feel so dated to me. 4 would've been better if they just didn't even have those levels with Dante where you just redo the whole game as him.

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