Author of TESV Acceleration Layer: "Skyrim would probably experience a speed gain of over 100%"

DSOGaming writes: "Arisu, the author behind the amazing TESV Acceleration Layer tool posted in Bethesda's forum some interesting notes about his tool and how it works. It's really complicated, so we won't go into full details but what caught our eye was the author's claim that Skyrim would probably experience a speed gain of over 100% if it was properly optimized. According to Arisu, this is no exaggeration as the compiled code is simply bad. Don't believe it? Then let us tell you that the TESV Acceleration Layer doesn't modify even nearly 1% of the code, but still manages to cut the cycles per frame by 30-40%. Imagine what would happen with proper optimization."

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Chnswdchldrn2492d ago

The effects of a console port.

Glad I waited on purchasing this mess of a game.

JsonHenry2492d ago

Mess? I bought it day one and played over 60 hours of gameplay without any trouble.

But yeah, no surprise they didn't spend much time optimizing it for the PC. Seems to be a running theme.

kevnb2491d ago

They didn't optimize it for anything.

Perkel2492d ago

well skyrim isn't shoddy port at all. It looks great and run well.

Problem is it could work even better with some proper optimalisation.

john22492d ago

It's also really funny that they were claiming that Creation would be a totally new engine. Oh boy, I still remember when we were discussing it here in N4G and we were preparing most that it would simply be a GameBryo upgraded version (instead of a 'totally new one, built from the ground' )

Perkel2492d ago

@ john2

Well some parts are heavy moddeded but calling it new engine is like calling updated Source in Portal2 a Source 2 engine.

Even mod menager from Fallout new vegas work with it with some changes ...

To me they should now improve:

- Animation system (it was good in 2005 ...)
- Mayor tweak to streaming engine (Loadings in homes and dungeons)
- Magic,crafting,loot and armor parts should be more complex ! (every TES after Morrowind is feeling more and more simple. In TESV you have 6 parts of armor where in Morrowind there was like 13. You could wear magic shirt beneth armor and pants beneth graves.
- EDITOR DAY FING ONE. (all tes befor that menaged to do that)
- Story and quests are improvement over Oblivion but.. still it isn't even berable quality.
- Stop making all NPC : Oh i don't know you but i will tell you story of my life and i will gladly help you because.. well i don't know but i will help you.. :/

Well some may say that betsheda can focus on few things. But look it isn't 99' games like Skyrim make a lot of money. If you make money then use some part of it for actual developing...

It is the same reason that every COD is infested with bugs. If game is making a billion in few weeks then how is it hard to polish your game ?

kevnb2491d ago

Naw, the engine is mostly really old code.

StayStatic2492d ago

With 10 X + more horse power i should bloody hope so =D

yog-sothot2492d ago

interesting, but unless this is actually turned into some actual improvement of the game, this is just frustrating

john22492d ago

Gotta agree. Can't believe how amateur-ish Bethesda acted

Johnny_Cojones2492d ago

TESV Acceleration Layer works great. Bumped my average frame rate from 30 to 55 on my laptop on high settings at 1080p. My main rig always ran it at 60fps, but I played it on the laptop while visiting family this past week. Impressive fox.

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