Titanic: Lost in the Darkness - New Impressive CryEngine 3 Shots Released

Here are some stunning new CryEngine 3 screenshots of Titanic: Lost in the Darkness, the upcoming mod.

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Orpheus2542d ago

Everytime i see these shots ... they make me angry ... why the hell crytek din deliver this level of graphics with crysis 2 ??? The got the lesson may be ... c2 sold less than crysis

Tachyon_Nova2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

It actually didn't. After 4 months Crysis had shipped 1 million copies, after 3 months C2 shipped nearly 3 million....

Crysis sells over 1 million to end March 2008 (released mid November 2007) -

Crysis 2 sells nearly 3 million to end June 2011 (released mid March 2011) -

Voxelman2541d ago

In what world is a game with 5 times the marketing budget and on 3x as many platforms selling less than 3x as many copies as a new IP a good thing?

BTW you linked the wrong report this is the correct one

Orpheus was probably talking about PC sales anyway which were down massively for Crysis 2 from the first game, I mean comparing the sales of an PC exclusive new IP vs a multi-platform sequel is not exactly fair.

2542d ago