The New 360 Dashboard and What it Means for Us

Gaming Update's CM Boots-Faubert takes an in-depth look into the history of the Xbox 360 Dashboard and the changes that it has endured over the years, before examining what the most recent update means to gamers who do not own a Kinect motion-control system or prefer not to use it.

The stand-out feature for the recent update turns out to be the Game Beacon System according to Boots-Fauber, who claims that the addition of the service is long overdue.

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PS3ROCKS3148d ago

I wish you didn't need xbox gold for YouTube. My subscribe ends in a week and I didn't use it. But I like the YouTube app.

Recnef3147d ago

Considering that YouTUbe is a free service and you are paying for your own net connect they really should not restirct access to it to just Gold members -- that is really mercenary.

gamingdroid3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

Well, MS did spend time creating and tuning the app for you to access YouTube. Most stuff on Xbox Live is all tailored and custom designed.

That is why, the Netflix app is completely different than on other devices. Personally I must say it is far better.

Read more here:

That said, I wish it was free too... however, that also means less resources to put out innovative stuff like this.

yesmynameissumo3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

Google spent time creating and tailoring their app on iOS, Android, iPad, the PS3 browser, etc. and they're all free. Weird the owners of YouTube can do that, but MS charges to access free content from a free site. Keep them excuses coming!

Also, why link to forum post from Jan 2010, most recently updated in June? That's not even the UI or the dash. Party mode is listed and we all know party mode is no more. IMO, the UI for Netflix on the 360 and iPad can be likened to a bus fire.

EVILDEAD3603147d ago

Youtube for the 360 is easily best addition to Live since Netflix.

Disappointed that Daily Motion to the 'sexy' category out for the 360..kidding

I Love MSNBC as well..definately cut down my DVR recording

I Heart radio is definately more addicting than I thought it was.

All in dashboard is even better than I thought it could be.

I've used HBO GO on another stand alone device..WOW...can't wait till the 360 get it. Destroys HBO on Demand for streaming past episodes of their shows.


gamingdroid3147d ago Show
EVILDEAD3603147d ago

LMFAO @ Gdroid being RARE form today..

Stick that 'yes-im-a-troll' with a fork..

Droid you deserve your 8th bubble for that one..

Bookmarked as classic..


yesmynameissumo3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

"That said, Google makes money of ads while Sony tries to sell thier PS3. MS somehow manages to sell you an Xbox 360 as well as a subscription.

Yes, because it is that good that people are willing to pay for it. You mad?"

Don't forget the ads you pay for. I'm not mad. I'd be mad if I was ignorant enough to think a YouTube app deserves or even requires an additional subscription to access. You dumb?

"That's just an example of what MS does with their apps... I don't see the competitors do that. They just dump whatever is provided by third party without batting an eye looking at the quality."

I guess that's why the PS3 is the most used Netflix streamer per Netflix. The UI is simply and works, that's what matters. Yeah, they dump Vudu with free access and HDX support. You pay to access a free app and with no HDX support. Paying for less must be the new thing. Christ, that made me laugh! Or CinemaNow, NFL Sunday Ticket, or Hulu Plus, or NHL...they don't work at all! Thanks for the laugh fellas.

"Sounds like somebody is jelly."

Sounds like someone will enjoy anything thrown their way, even if it's a cluster on screen. I'm not "jelly" of being not able to use my Netflix queue, instead having to yell at it in hopes something plays.

Oh and EvilDead, I don't have a 360, remember? Even with my profile link having my avatar call you a tool, your silence was classic. Bookmarked indeed. HBO Go is killer. It will even be better to not have to pay to access what I'm already for.

EVILDEAD3603147d ago

@ Yes's laughable that everytime we talk about an app we are somehow paying extra for it.

Simply not true..

I don't pay extra for HBO's free with my comcast subscription. People are paying up to 200 dollars for these standalone HD boxes that play these same apps. I bought one as a gift and was blown away by HBO GO.

No matter where you stream Netflix you pay for it.

Millions pay for Live..I've been paying for Live since the inception and absolutely love it..believe me I'm not the only one.

What I loved about how people tirelessly talked about how Live cost money and then flip flopped when PS+ came out. It was pure comedy at how fast they changed their stance.

I've never criticized people who pay for anything they enjoy. It's a shame how people can't do the same for others.


EVILDEAD3603147d ago

Oh and EvilDead, I don't have a 360, remember? Even with my profile link having my avatar call you a tool, your silence was classic

Your avatar calling me a tool? What are you even talking about?

yesmynameissumo3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )


It's not the app you're paying for, very true, but the access to it you are. That's all I've ever said. Now, there are plenty of people on this site that will hate simply for the sake of hating. All I've ever expressed is my unwillingness to pay to use something I'm already paying to use. You don't have to pay to access the iOS or Android or Wii or PS3 or Roku or Vizio TV or Google TV or Apple TV integrated versions of Netflix. I don't feel there is anything XBL is offering in terms of the Netflix app that warrants having to be a Gold member to use it. If I'm come across as though I'm telling you how to spend your money, I apologize, as I do to gamingdroid. I'm not criticizing you or anyone else for paying for Live, I'm criticizing Live.

I have HBO Go as well, and as you said, it destroys what most cable/satellite providers offer as HBO On Demand. But there are stipulations that pop up that you don't expect. Example: I have a Roku and can't access their HBO Go app, simply b/c DirecTV and Roku haven't come to an agreement. This applies to the 360 as well. Yes, HBO Go is coming to the 360, but if your provider doesn't have an agreement in place stating you can access it from a 360, you won't be able to. That aside, it's great that it's coming to the 360, but again, if I'm already paying for HBO and HBO offers Go for free to its customers, I don't feel I should pay Microsoft to use it.

My personal issue with Live is what I was paying for, not that I was paying. That's why I'm no longer a Gold member. In regards to PS+, I feel I am actually getting something (games, discounts, cloud saving, etc) where I didn't feel I was getting the same value from my Live subscription. Yeah, I can't keep the games if I'm not a paying subscriber, but I can't keep any of the Netflix movies or HBO Go media either.

Enjoy what you like but try to be open to valid criticism (keyword:valid). I was a Gold member at one time. I'm not trying to act as if PSN or PS+ are the best things in the world, they definitely have their faults, but I feel that also applies to XBL too.

EDIT: "Your avatar calling me a tool? What are you even talking about?"

Water under the bridge dude, forget about it. I was talking about a previous argument where you claimed I had no 360 and I linked you to my profile. Ultimately, it was immature and doesn't matter at all.

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JellyJelly3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

I'm loving the youtube app as well. Great integration.

@gypsygib - Very weird. I've experienced the opposite. Maybe you need to empty the HDD cache? Go to settings/memory and click "Y" on the HDD then select Clear cache. Might help.

gypsygib3147d ago

New dash has a lot more loading times. It's so much slower.

gamingdroid3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

This dash is by far the most responsive dash I have ever used. It loads content faster than competing services I used.

As JellyJelly said, clear your cache? Double check your internet settings and reset your router.

Intentions3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

You sure you actually have the new dash or a x360?

It's like the fastest dash to date.

WiiStation_3603147d ago

Naaaah, it seems pretty fast to me. It actually loads quicker o_O

gypsygib3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

It seems it's just me then....

I've cleared the cache but everything still takes a while to load still. Maybe I need to reformat the HD which sucks cause I have about 150gigs used up.

Intentions3147d ago

Maybe it is just your internet?

Go to:

You can pm the results if you want.

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Hicken3147d ago

To be honest, I stopped reading the article about two paragraphs in.

But I have to at least say the quality of the article is good, and despite stopping my reading so early, I was actually happy to see that all five pages were full of content, instead of 1-2 paragraphs and a video.

drsnobby3147d ago

While kinect works just fine for the dashboard,the youtube app is amazing.i'm loving this new update

BuffMordecai3147d ago

When the new dashboard first came out I hated it, but its not too bad.