Skyrim's Graphics Look Even Better With the Realistic Colors and Real Nights Mod

GR - "Skyrim's a beautiful game. I've said it before and I'll say it again. That doesn't mean we can't make it look even better"

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Tanir2544d ago

u know all these mods to make the game look better just means that bethsdeda slacked alot lol, besides the enourmous amount of glitches, and screw ups. waiting for GOTY edition so everything is done and i can enhance the game with all the mods

Neko_Mega2544d ago

No, it means the could have done a better job at making it for PC.

inveni02544d ago

Yeah, I don't think they "slacked" (though I actually do think they cut a lot of corners and could have spent more time on the engine). I just think that they never really spend the time they need to spend. GTA4 is another great example, along with Crysis. Both of those games could be made to look "better", but left the factory looking a little...sub-better...

That's the thing about graphics, though. They can always be improved.

Baka-akaB2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

It's not really slacking when part of those graphics mods , bare a few and some effects are mostly a play on lightning via shaders .

It's not for no reason some of them dont add any particular strain on the pc , bare a few fps hits .

Anyway this particular mod rocks . Nothing against the cartoonish enb and spin off or FXAA injectors , but it's work to fiddle with it , and they are all over bright and saturated by default

death2smoochie2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

No they did not slack at all...They made it for the console first and then ported it to the PC.
It's called 'Consolitius'

The game could and should have been made in DX11, use shader model 5.0, use tessellation etc. like what DICE did for BF3, what THQ did for Metro 2033 then port it to the consoles, however they did not for the sake of consoles. aka 'Consolitius'
It's what plagued this generation of gaming for the PC.
So now thank god the modding community is stepping in

coryok2544d ago

im sure many developers would rather stay exclusively on pc, but when more than 80% of your sales are from consoles, you generally want to spend more time on the console versions.

perhaps when more people buy the pc version they'll give it some more focus, but even so, saying that it had bad graphics because of consoles is a total cop out, its graphics were no where near other games' graphics

cyguration2544d ago


A lot of indie games sell better, faster and more on Steam than they do the console version (i.e., Super Meat Boy, Limbo, Dungeon Defenders, etc.,)

The "selling more" argument applies to retail but we never get the digital + retail figures that factor in for PC. So if you're just counting retail then, yeah, consoles sell more.

Besides, they really need to do what death2smoochie said and start on PC and downscale to the consoles.

I couldn't believe Carmack admitted the PC textures for RAGE couldn't get any better because the original samples were already scaled for the Xbox 360's texture cache. In other words, the game was designed from the ground up to be ugly and then they figured they could pull a few strings to make it like they cared about the PC audience.

RedDragan2544d ago

Croyok, today I posted pictures of Skyrim from my PC that are lightyears ahead of what any console game has achieved.

So Skyrim can be made to look out of this world. As others have said, they copped out for consoles.

StraightPath2544d ago

Wow somtimes wish I had a gaming pc skyrim on pc destroys ps3 limited ram and xbox limited disc space

RankFTW2544d ago

Well the game is only 6 gig on PC so I don't think that was ever a problem.

leogets2544d ago ShowReplies(1)
SP3333D-O2544d ago

The skies at sunset look great in those shots, but I prefer the overall effect I'm getting with other mod combinations.

pr0digyZA2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Ive found some great mods that really show what improvements could have been made.

One of the bigger ones thats noticably better.

just see the befores and after

better night

hd textures

better clothes

And more...

whats scary is that these are before the engine launches for modders, after that launches things will get crazy.

undercovrr2544d ago

Yeah, I can't wait to see what modders do with the Creation Kit. Whole new areas to explore!!!!

cyguration2544d ago


remember when we couldn't wait to see what devs brought to the table? Now PC gamers have to look to the modding community to get the complete experience.

I'm not complaining, no sir-ree...I use ENB mods all the time for various games. It's just funny how mods aren't really made these days to extend the gameplay but to complete it or make it the way it was intended to be for PC.

RedDragan2544d ago

No matter what the PC devs create, the modding community will always be there to improve it.

Those guys are crazy talented, just look at Crysis as an example. The PC gaming world was jizzing over their screen when it came out and people were maxing it out, then along came the RealLifeSis and people were like... "Whoa!"

Big_Dom2544d ago

The HD rock and leaf textures look good, but the cloths and other interior textures look bollocks. Really, there is very little difference other than a sharp filter thrown over the top which makes them look far too grainy. I'll wait for properly done textures.

Kahvipannu2544d ago

Awwww.. I <3 Modding community^^

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