Oblivion is about the War on Terror, Skyrim is about nationalism

MEGamer's article points out how stories Bethesda's Elder Scrolls games, starting from Morrowind, relate to real world events such as War on Terror, nationalism, and even Christianity.

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megacowdung2589d ago

Wow I really never even thought about this. Interesting article.

bobrea2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Ugh. Or they're both made-up stories in a fantasy world and don't parallel real-life events what so ever.

This reminds of of that English teacher we've all had who says crap like "THE BLUE CURTAINS REPRESENT HIS SORROW AND ANGUISH AND BLAH BLAH BLAH," when if the author heard that would say "SHUT UP, THERE IS NO DEEPER MEANING, THEY'RE JUST BLUE CURTAINS!"

Baka-akaB2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Yeah it's a tad annoying . It's one thing when accounted details of the life , personality and actual comments of an author lead to very specific interpretation of a book and particular chapters ..... but it's another when some teacher screw 4 hours of your day telling you that it's how it reads , nothing else .

A few years later at Univ , you find yet another fool with a vastly different interpretation , and feel like smacking both with a brick :p

dredgewalker2589d ago

Why not an arrow in the knee instead of a brick? :P

DragonKnight2589d ago

I always thought that Skyrim's plot was pretty basic. A civil war being fueled by racial supremacy. The Thalmor think they're above all races, and the Nords pretty much hate all races except their own. I didn't look at it as some grand story about nationalism. Once you walk into Windhelm for the first time, you know what the game is about.

@dredgewalker: for the sake of sanity, please stop using that vastly overplayed meme.

dredgewalker2589d ago


Lol, I'm sorry I just can't help it. I actually just got Skyrim yesterday and I haven't yet encountered this dreaded meme. I'm already thinking of whacking any character that uses that line and see how many people I kill as an experiment on how rampant that meme is in Skyrim.

MariaHelFutura2589d ago

So let me get this straight... you don't think colours have a relationship to emotions. Have you heard the saying "feeling blue".... Or how red and yellow stimulate hunger. People just pass by things that became common and dont understand the origins of them, but think they're educated on these things.... Like saying cheers. People say it everyday and have NO CLUE about its origins.

Tonester9252589d ago

Dr. Seuss books have deeper meanings with a children friendly camouflage

kcuthbertson2589d ago

And this articles about pointless speculation that obviously isn't true.

SpecialK2589d ago

Many games, fims and music pieces use the real world as inspiration. Nothing is just dreamt up out of thin air. Ideas always come from somewhere.

So even if the developers didn't mean for it to, chances are inspiration has been taken from real world events during the making of this game.

MizTv2589d ago

all i know is that 4 is alot better than 5

rick46912589d ago

Oh FFS doesnt anyone just PLAY a game anymore without over-analyzing? Hello Buzz Killington!

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