Why aren’t you playing APB Reloaded?

The simplest way to explain what APB Reloaded is, would probably be to say it’s “Grand Theft Auto” meets an “Online Shooter”. With hundreds of people in the same city driving around like maniacs, crashing their cars and gunning down civilians all at the same time, that should give you a fair understanding of what you’ll encounter the first time you log on.

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Pikajew4301d ago

I tried it and didnt like it. I found the interface confusing and didn't like the car controls
I also didn't know what to do

MurDocINC4301d ago

Well once you get pass the interface and controls, it was fun. But it didn't last long when you faced with guys with overpowered guns camping rooftops every mission.

Peekayboo4301d ago

RTW release was a almost balanced game and the reloaded team pissed all over the game and ruined what was working then wanted to charge $60 to keep one gun permanently

paddystan4301d ago

Because I have too many other games to play. For example BF3 and Skyrim. And I can't forget my whole damn Steam list of untouched games (dman you Steam sales!!!).

4301d ago
JellyJelly4301d ago

Because I have better options.

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APB Reloaded Reveals New Riot Mode, Coming Soon

APB is a massively multiplayer online freeform combat and driving-based game, designed by the creator of the original GTA franchise, takes the universal theme of Criminals and Enforcement and brings it to a persistent, open world setting in a modern, crime-ridden city.

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Little Orbit Acquires GamersFirst, Will Upgrade APB Reloaded To Unreal Engine 4

Publisher Little Orbit just announced the acquisition of GamersFirst and a number of games with it, including APB Reloaded, which will be updated according to an aggressive development plan and moved to Unreal Engine 4.

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Araragifeels 1963d ago

APB Reloaded is horrible on console. It was super buggy, glitchy and broken. Hopefully they fixed all the issues.

KaiPow1963d ago

And maybe add in a battle royale mode. 😂


Xbox One X Fixes the Poor Performance of the Worst Running Games

Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes; "My time with the Xbox One X prior to launch was all about games, I played so many but the ones that I definitely had on my mind were the games that ran the absolute worst on standard hardware. "

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maybelovehate2145d ago

This has been a very welcome bonus so far. Not just the more stable framerates, but the huge boost to load times and responsiveness in game menus etc.

GamingIVfun2144d ago

I agree, it's help the majority of games but I tried Dead Rising 3 on X1X and it ran the the same and also had some graphical bugs that aren't there on the X1S. I would love for them to release an Xbox One X enhanced patch for this game. It's one of my favorites.

maybelovehate2144d ago

I was wondering if X would finally make that game playable haha. I guess not.

ONESHOTV22144d ago

yeah DR 3 is stuck at 30 frames but thank god there is a 60FPS fix on PC

WilliamSheridan2144d ago

I tried DR3 also on my X. It ran at a locked 30fps with no dips. It was super smooth and load times are greatly reduced. Honestly it was perfect

SierraGuy2144d ago

Agreed my friend has the box and said it's not that much of a noticeable difference...not sure what everyones so excited about. He also said some games are glitchy but the menu response is improved.

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SierraGuy2144d ago

Something you could have had all along on a base PS4.

2144d ago
SierraGuy2144d ago

Thank you hamburgler...for that. I'll have the ferret.

UnHoly_One2144d ago

Yes I could have, but I'd also have that crap controller and be on a different system than all of my friends.

I only play games on PS4 that I can't play on Xbox.

maybelovehate2144d ago

I have a base PS4, and those issues still existed. In fact in some cases like Destiny 2 slowdowns and menu's even worse.