APB Reloaded Xbox One is Now Available

APB Reloaded Xbox One is now available as a free to play title featuring 24/7 online multiplayer action with the install size for the title included.

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SavageKuma2181d ago

Whoa Whoa this is on Xbox One. I was wondering if and when the controller would work with it.

Automatic792181d ago

Another great edition to the Xbox library.

ChrisW2181d ago

It will be great because MS can perma-ban the hackers and cheaters much better and easier than for the PC.

yeahokwhatever2181d ago

APB was awful back in the day when I bought it. There were literal lag earthquakes in the game when everything would just fly all over the place and all the cars would crash, etc.

gangsta_red2180d ago

Yea, last I checked this game was super a**, did it change for the better.

I guess there's only one way to find out.

Majin-vegeta2181d ago

Any word on when it will hit PS4??

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huwaxakitu2181d ago

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The story is too old to be commented.