APB Reloaded PS4 Release Is An Unplayable Mess

Similar to the soft launch of APB Reloaded for the Xbox One in 2016, the recently released PS4 version has been marred with bugs, 10fps performance, and constant crashing issues.

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EazyC1500d ago

How does this shit make it past QC? Also, they're only doing this to fulfil a contract agreement. Awful.

C-H-E-F1499d ago

That's the thing, I don't think they have a QC department lmao just 1 entry level developer straight out of GSP 101.

Bathyj1500d ago

Not good enough. We are absolutely spoilt for choice for good games this year. Sub standard crap is not going to fly. Why even bother?

Lionalliance1500d ago

This game will never escape its development Nightmare jeez...

Silly gameAr1500d ago

I didn't even know this came out for PS4.

acemonkey1500d ago

Damn waited since E3 like 06 to play this on systems with friends lol

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