9 things you didn’t know you could do in Skyrim

Few games are as stuffed with things to do as Skyrim. It’s a game you can play for a hundred hours, and still not see everything. In this feature we’ll show you some of the game’s best kept secrets, along with videos to tell you how to uncover them. If you think you’ve seen everything the ancient homeland of the Nords has to offer, think again.

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Slugg3r3522d ago

Barbas can be a real pain in the ass 'cos he keeps pushing you of the cliffs, to the traps etc. That little f*cker has killed me so many times and don't get me started about times he's blown my cover. Just try to sneak with a dog as your company...

BakedGoods3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

1) Merchant ran out of coin? Save the game, then kill him (wait for a 'bounty' to be placed on you) then reload your save: viola, their inventory/coin is refreshed.

2) Need to fill a bunch of soul gems? Give any amount of empty soul gems to your follower, then equip them a 'soul trap' weapon. Once they get a kill, they'll fill *all* the soul gems at once. Say hello to 50 filled gems after one kill.

Both of these are verified to work on PC.

norman293522d ago

For point 2 you can also have shadowmare (dont know if i spelt that correct) which you get from the dark brotherhood

Bigpappy3522d ago

This stuff you guys are doing here is what prevents new players from enjoying the game for what it should be.

Cheating has no rewards!

mynameisEvil3522d ago

@ Bigpappy
Oh, shut it. Some people like to cheat on their single-player games for a different experience. Now go back to your boringness and leave us to our experimentation.

BakedGoods3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

I agree to some extent.

However, shop keepers 'running out of gold' while realistic is very annoying. Playing the game normally you'd have to 'wait' for 48 hours to get new stock. If you think about it, re-loading a save versus waiting in the shop are basically the same thing: breaking realism.

If you want a balls-out realistic experience then only sleep in your own bed and order drinks at the tavern and *sit down* while you enjoy it.

Otherwise if you want a deep RPG experience whist being able to sell all your loot in one go--knock out the shop-keeper with a glass blade, reload, then sell your loot and be on your way.

KaBaW3522d ago

Or .. you can just sell your goodies at another store? lol.

BakedGoods3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

Or .. you could just re-load a save? lol.

Perjoss3522d ago

You don't have to wait 48 hours for shopkeepers to have gold, there are SO many vendors all over the world you can fast travel between them. In a very small area in Solitude there are 5 vendors all close to each other (clothier, alchemist, general goods, blacksmith, fletcher).

Personally I really like 2 perks in the speech tree, the one that allows you to invest 500g in vendors and the one that allows you to sell any loot to any vendor (not stolen stuff).

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Mutant-Spud3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

That'd be a valid point if this was a multiplayer game, as it is they're only affecting their own games.
I exploit the weak AI all the time, like running them in circles around a column or a rock so they can't hit me but I can fill them with arrows or use magic.
The game was built a certain way, people can play it however they like, just as you have to go out of your way to make Skyrim hard, you can go out of your way to make it easy too.

Andronix3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

How did OPM UK write this article when their game is so laggy? Don't get me wrong, I'm genuinely glad they highlighted the bugs in the PS3 game, when other websites said nothing. Kudos to them for that. I'm guessing Skyrim isn't borked for everyone on the OPM team.

FCOLitsjustagame3522d ago

The majority of these are pretty obvious when you come across them in the game or pretty common knowledge when it comes to the exploites like the bucket over the head. But I guess if they came as a suprise to the author maybe he thinks they will come as a suprise to others. Things are never obvious until they are obvious.

Barbaos was too annoying to keep as a side kick. Not because he killed me but because I wear a headset when I game and he breaths so freaking loud. I couldnt hear myself think let alone what the merchants were saying. I sent him away until I was ready to complete the quest.

kma2k3522d ago

Serisouly the arrow assaination thing had me LMAO that is just stupid awesome!

masa20093522d ago

In Skyrim, you can kill NPCs and they resurrect like retards 10 seconds later, oblivious to the fact that you just attacked them.
Didn't know you could still do that in a 2011 game but you can.
Awesome(ly bad)!

zeal0us3522d ago

Oh so that what it is. I was wondering how the hell are they coming back alive even though I just killed them....last night

Finally got the game like Wednesday this week :)

mynameisEvil3522d ago

Ah, the essential NPC's.

My best explanation for the issue is slight amnesia that made them forget the last *insert amount of seconds it took for you to "kill" them here* seconds.

Or they all conveniently have short-term memory loss.

SwampCroc3522d ago

yeah only certain NPCs... like the Jarls will come back to life... other people can die and stay dead.

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