Spike VGA’s 2011: The fact Gears of War 3 didn’t get nominated maybe a step in the right direction

SchollA from Console ControllUs writes:
“Before you call for my head, this is not a “Gears doesn’t deserve to be nominated” article. This is merely looking at how easy it could of been for Gears to get nominated and the fact that it didn’t might actually mean there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Let me explain.”

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DonaldBeck2920d ago

it is a step in the right direction because it isn't goty material like portal 2, skyrim, uncharted 3 ect.

Edgeofglory2919d ago ShowReplies(1)
Micro_Sony2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

The argument is flawed because everyone has a diffrent taste in games. I did not like portal 2 or Skyrim but loved UC3 and Gears 3.

Why should a corporation have to choose the GOTY.

undercovrr2919d ago

Your logic is flawed. The whole of the gaming media 'decides chooses the GOTY' based on their own opinion. Almost every gaming journalist has their own preferred list of GOTY. There is no way someone could choose nominees that would please absolutely everyone.

Army_of_Darkness2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Than skyrim and portal 2 hands down in my opinion as well.... And I also prefer resistance 3 and shadows of the damned better than those 2 games also;) just putting it out there heheh!

Tr10wn2919d ago

@Army_of_Darkness your opinion is only valid to you, the mass and the facts point to Skyrim being better than most of those games you mention, hence why Skyrim will take GOTY and not UC3 or Portal 2, plus is pretty obvious that Skyrim will take GOTY.

mikeslemonade2919d ago

Excuse me but VGAs have been legit since 2009 when they awarded Uncharted 2 the Goty. That was when the VGA opinion mattered. Before then it was the Call of Dutys and the GTAs winning left and right.

IcarusOne2919d ago

lol @ VGA's only becoming relevant once UC2 won.

OT: I'm okay with Gears 3 not being nominated. It felt like a rehash of every other Gears game and really didn't add much of anything in the way of gameplay and especially story. (Haven't played the MP much so can't really comment on that.) Ultimately, it was a disappointing conclusion to the series.

But most of those same complaints could be leveled at UC3, too.

jrbeerman112919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Disclaimer....I love Gears and Uncharted series. Two of my favorites....

but anyone who says gears is just a rehash and uncharted isn't needs to take off fanboy goggles.

In fact I think Uncharted 2 > Uncharted 3.


Most of the innovation for Gears 3 was toward the Multiplayer (Horde 2.0, Beast, new weapons and balancing, servers, etc.)

The multi is where Gears shines, while the single is where Uncharted shines.

jessupj2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Just because you didn't like X game doesn't mean it doesn't deserve to be nominated.

For example I personally got a little bored of UC3 half way to getting the platinum, but I can still see the game objectively and feel it should still be nominated.

That's what these award commitees do. (Or at least I hope they do) Even if they didn't personally like X game they won't let that get in the way of their professional opinion and will try and be as objective as they can.

It seems like sooo many people can't wrap their heads around this simple idea that there's a difference between and personal and professional opinion.

awi59512918d ago

And spike tv is a joke you cant be nominated unless a company pays money to be in there little group.

MaxXAttaxX2918d ago

I voted for Portal 2 for every single category it was nominated on.
It's a really good game, so I wouldn't mind it winning GOTY. It's one of my faves this year.
But it would also be funny because it would piss off a lot of fanboys :P lol

bozebo2918d ago

I honestly didn't like Portal 2 or Skyrim all that much either.
Portal 1 was groundbreaking when it came out and 2 just used comedy to mask how little of an improvement it actually made and pull in some big dollars.
Skyrim is very good overall, but it is too flawed and the guild quests are boring (did they playtest it AT ALL?). It could have been 10x the game it is but no doubt they knew it would sell like sweetrolls so didn't bother (shareholders need their dividends).

I won't be buying Gears 3 (refuse to pay for XBL anymore, which means I won't be buying any xbox games with significant multiplayer components either - fix your business model M$, or er... just market to stupid people who like to pay for things twice like you have been doing thus far)

My GOTY would be TW2 because it didn't just follow a guaranteed cash pattern, so the game was actually fantastic and refreshing. Though I've still Dark Souls to get so I might change my mind (I havn't mastered Demon Souls yet).

Also: "GTAs winning left and right"
Yes... because GTAs are excellent - good fun and top production quality. I'm just hoping that 5 is going to have some actual extra content and awesome stuff in it like 1,2,3,VC and SA did, they can keep the main missions serious if they want - but why skimp out on other content? Oh wait, the game will sell anyway...

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GraveLord2919d ago

TBH Gears 3 deserves a nomination instead of Skyrim.
You can't reward developers who constantly keep putting out buggy/glitchy games.

FlashBack2919d ago

They can reward developers who create huge games with hundreds of hours worth of fresh content.

theonlylolking2919d ago

LBP2 should replace zelda. Gears 3 and skyrim I think could both be nominated but since Skyrim is part of Elder scrolls it gets insta nominated.

Tr10wn2919d ago

Why the hell is everyone hating on Skyrim? i mean name one game that give you 300 hours of gameplay with awesomeness nonstop, GoW3 was awesome but it doesn't really fit in there maybe with portal 2 or uncharted 3 since it wasn't what people expected, in the other hand Skyrim have 300 hours of gameplay "at least" because the game is endless, has an excellent story pretty good graphics awesome music, what more people want? and the only bug i encounter was the one with the giant's and bethesda said that it was fun so they will leave it there, plus Skyrim is the most played game of 2011 beating even MW3, according to Raptr.

Drake1172919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

The elder scrolls series is buggy and glitchy because of the fact that the games are so huge and ambitious. Its easy to bug test an on rails game like Gears 3 or Uncharted 3 because the developers know exactly what the player is going to be doing at all times. A game like Skyrim has an exponentially larger amount of data to keep track of then every other game on that list. Oh and i'm over 150 hours in on the 360 version and ran into one glitch where a giant knocked me into the air hundreds of feet. But that's it.

bozebo2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

"The elder scrolls series is buggy and glitchy because of the fact that the games are so huge and ambitious."

Errr... no. All the bugs are in isolated logic patterns.

Code isn't duplicated when a game is large...

Most of the bugs in Skyrim involve the AI (which breaks other things if it doesn't work - horrible programming practice that would get people fired in most studios) and untested scripts.

Skyrim isn't all that excellent either. The quests are massively dissapointing compared to Morrowind or even Oblivion. And a lot of the bugs should have been spotted within literally 5 minutes of testing.

The best thing Skyrim has done is massively improve the environment design, masking the tile-based nature of the dungeons (nothing wrong with it being tile based, it would take countless man-hours to manually model all the dungeons and it wouldn't fit on a DVD). The voice acting is also a lot better (but the AI bugs out and says the wrong thing way too often so it's spoiled). I also like the soundtrack and audio space of the game in general. Once I am done with Skyrim I will be playing Morrowind again, because I still havn't explored half of it or played many different "classes" after 500+ hours (100% Oblivion in about 120 hours).

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n4gisatroll2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Neither is skyrim, with all those bugs and glitches, it should only win worst launch of the year.

Gears deserves it much more.

da_2pacalypse2919d ago

Coming from a gears of war veteran who still plays about 2 hours of gears a day, I'd take Skyrim over gears any day. However I wouldn't take U3 over gears, but that's just my opinion. Who cares anyways? VGA's have always sucked.

MysticStrummer2919d ago

If I went by bugs to declare the worst launch of the year, Dead Island would win by a mile. I'm playing the PS3 version of Skyrim and not seeing nearly as many problems as with Dead Island.

PetitPiPi2919d ago

Na. That should go to BF3 on Xbox 360. What a horrible launch!

FunkMcnasty2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Haven't played Gears, Portal, or Skyrim, but I have played (almost finished with actually, just gotta kill Marlow I think) Uncharted 3, and as much as I love it, I don't think it's a GOTY contender either. Uncharted 2? Hell yes. Absolutley deserved the GOTY it received. But UC3 really only improved on UC2 in terms of some graphical enhancements and slightly re-vamped hand-to-hand combat mechanics. So far it's delivered the awesome story and character driven adventure that I'd expected, but this is something that's become a benchmark of the series. In fact, in terms of pacing between shooting, puzzle solving, and platforming sequences I actually think UC3 has slipped up in the pacing dept. where UC2 excelled so well. I couldn't put UC2 down and blazed through it in a few days.. I've had UC3 for about 2 weeks now, and I cant seem to sink in to it for more than an hour or so at a time, and I think it's because of the pacing.

EDIT: Now that I think about all the games I've played that came out this year, I think the one that most deserves, at the very least, a GOTY nomination is Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

enfestid2919d ago

Co-sign. Uncharted 2 was amazing and worthy of GOTY awards and nominations. But the third title just fell flat for me. It doesn't grab you like the second.

JBaby3432919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

I gotta disagree with both of you. I enjoyed the pacing of Uncharted 3 more than 2. UC2 was an excellent game no doubt about it but I got sick of it towards the end. I kept thinking "another gun fight when will this end" whereas Uncharted 3 varied it more by mixing smaller fights with intermingled platforming between and I loved the longer space between fights such as Cartegena and the Rub'al Khali where you could look around and take it easy for a while.

I also liked the story better with Charlie Cutter being added to the cast. Villains were the same with the main and his/her back-up.

The tech in the environments was also better evidenced by the ship levels and the cargo plane both being so dynamic (as well as the barges) and rotating 90° in the ship itself. Plus the horse riding was a step up from the chase scene in UC2.

I guess to sum up it seemed like UC3 didn't need to depend on constant action to keep things going but used more in total aspects to wow me.

kneon2919d ago

Had UC2 not existed I expect most everyone would be gushing over how awesome UC3 is and declare it the undisputed GOTY. It improved on UC2 in many ways, but given the high bar set by UC2 there is only so much better you can get. There are a few areas where UC2 beats it, but not by much.

It's hard to do but games really need to be judged on their own merit, not relative to previous releases.

tehnoob32919d ago

You have to look at that from both sides because if we never took familiarity into account then mw3 would be winning goty. This is because if mw2 and 1 were never released and mw3 was original mw then it would win goty all over the place

JBaby3432919d ago

@tehnoob3: You have a point but then again had the other MW games not existed, MW3 would not have been near as hyped or have the strong fan following so I don't think it would get the brand loyalty acclaim we see it enjoy. While a decent game in its own right, it does receive a certain amount of its praise just off being a MW game so that argument can really go both ways and I think you and kneon could just go back and forth.

To be honest, if UC3 and MW3 were both released without any previous games, I think UC3 would be rated the better game for all it offers as a complete package. We'll never know though.

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otherZinc2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Its Ridiculous.
Someone should be fired.
Its why I dont trust the media scores!
Its why I wont watch the show!
Gears 3 definitely should be in the running!

Gears Of War 3:
1.Great SP:4 player co-op with replay value
2.Horde Mode:5 player co-op
3.Beast Mode:5 player co-op
5.A new Skull feature to change your experience
6.and more!

Hater or not, that is added value everyone can respect from an already feature rich game.

VGA's should be ashamed of themselves!

TheDivine2919d ago

Totally agree. Gears 3 is miles above any shooter fps or tps on the market in terms of the amount of polish and content. People bash gears over the story but imo the campaign in gears 3 was one of the best shooter campaigns ive played this gen. The story was great, emotional (for me at least), full of epic setpieces and bad ass levels like the sub which was beautiful. This game was a thank you to gears fans just watch the credits. It was flawless imo and i was never a huge fan i didnt even finish 2 or 1, the game is just that good.

It def the best shooter of the year for me so whatever f*** the awards, this game was the reward for 360 fans.

Hanif-8762919d ago

Battlefield 3 is gonna win best FPS Shooter of 2011 :-)

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aviator1892920d ago

It'd be more appropriate if the title read, "Spike VGA’s 2011: The fact Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 didn’t get nominated maybe a step in the right direction

Scholla2920d ago

lmbooooo i actually mention that in the article, hee-larry-us, feel the same exact way.

Scholla2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Excerpt from article - “Here’s another fact you can hang your hat on — to give you a glimmer of hope, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 the biggest selling, most popular franchise wasn’t nominated either!”

aviator1892920d ago

Yeah, I know, I read it. I just think that Modern Warfare 3 not receiving a goty nomination is more significant than gears of war 3 not receiving one.

Forbidden_Darkness2920d ago

I don't think any of the Call of Dutys since COD4: MW has been nominated for GOTY has it?

FunkMcnasty2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

@ Forbidden Darkness,

Not sure if it won GOTY, but it COD4 was nominated at some point because My copy is the GOTY edition that came with a map pack.

Edit: Derp.. I think that's kinda what you just said! :)

Scholla2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

U mite be right...I think tho the reason i went the gears route is because it's viewed as a more quality
title (perception)which in turn is more deserving of an nomination of an award like "GOTY" than COD...i think gamers know why COD is popular and just take it for what it is...GoW3 on the other hand I think more was expected. Thus being more of a surprise.

xVeZx2919d ago

its a tie between mw3 and world at war for worst cod mp glad its not nominated....i hope it doesnt win anything at all...that game is pure garbage...and its only going to get worse...

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life doomer2920d ago

gears is overrated, and don't call me a fanboy because I have the game and it's not that good as everybody says.

Kingdom Come2919d ago

The Critical and Commercial Success of the entire franchise disagree's with you...

Spenok2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

You are right. The Critical and Commercial success does disagree with him. However i agree with him as well. It just depends on what type of gamer you are. I prefer a well writen, story that doesnt include BIG BUFF SPACE MARINES in it.

The game play, graphics, and multiplayer are great for Gears. But its the story that severely turns me off of the franchise. The first one was the most bareable for me, and ill take that simply because it took me 3.5 hours to complete.

Oh, and commercial success doesnt mean a game is good. It also doesnt mean a game is bad either though. It just could be like CoD where its really easy to pick up, and fun in
bursts... you know, like an arcade game.

Honestly it just comes down to opinion. Do you like Gears or not? Life Doomer doesnt, and neither do i. But there are over 8million people each time it comes out that do. So let them enjoy it, and let those who dont enjoy something else.

PetitPiPi2919d ago

3.5 hours to complete?? How about trying the game on another diffuclity besides NOOB?

cstyle2919d ago

gears 3 deserves a spot on that list IMO. I think Batman AC is more deserving than any other title though. Their last game release they won studio of the year. They almost won game of the year behind Uncharted 2 plus their game is more of an improvement than the first.