Possible Skyrim PS3 Lag Solution Revealed

It’s well know by now that several PS3 users who’ve spent a lot of time playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, have experienced lag and shuttering, making the game almost unplayable.

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smurfz2930d ago

I've yet to experience these issues, but am only around 25 hours in.

brodychet2930d ago

another 85 hours should suffice. Enjoy all your awesome treasures, in Lag-HD!

MysticStrummer2930d ago

136 hours here on PS3 and having a great time. I like how people are pretending the PS3 version is unplayable and the PC/360 versions are completely bug free. They all have problems. I started seeing lag when my save file was around 10mb, but save/quit/continue fixes it for several hours. Disabling Autosave had no effect as far as I can tell.

JoySticksFTW2930d ago

don't know why brody got disagrees.

Just junk was funny, and unfortunately true for many gamers

brodychet2930d ago

Wait.. why did I get disagreed?.. That's what happened to me.. Everyone hates me):

Bleucrunch2929d ago

I have it for PS3 and it is VERY laggy please do not mislead other people saying that its not that bad...its a problem and it needs to be resolved...the game is fun but this lagging and especially the Freezing is a deterrent for me...I am a little over 40 hours in by the way.

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ZBlacktt2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Not everyone is having such problems as other's. Here, I've been playing 18 days. I had the lag issue before the patch. I did the patch and now it's not so bad at all. If I do play for like 5, 6 hours straight. Then yes I see some lag but only is towns with many people moving about. Otherwise, this game is just awesome. So don't fall for the bug hype bandwagon so much.

I'm using a 80g phat PS3 as well.

BigBoss072930d ago

I can understand why people are upset though. Its not completely the the lag that bothers them, but Bethesda's sneakiness on the whole issue. For one, they didn't give out any PS3 review copies to anyone only PC/360, and they're being very vague and quiet on the whole subject.

It begs the question. Did they know the PS3 version was like this before or after release? If its before, then PS3 user were sold a faulty product and deserve refunds. If its after, then their QA department takes the hit. Either way they lose good reputation and possibly money for this foul-up. Its a sad state of affairs really.

Personally, I stopped playing till the game is either fixed or I get my PC built then buy it used. Its not that I'm hating on Bethesda, but I consider this bad business. The only way to show them they've done wrong is hit them in the paycheck.

ZBlacktt2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

I totally understand Boss. Not saying it is or is not happening to the degree we are seeing this news posts. Just odd that we all have the same game, same console and most, same patch installed. Yet, some have issues a lot it seems. While other's are just playing away.

BigBoss072930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

I wouldn't doubt the main cause of discrepantcy is the type of system you have, fat or silm, and then the actual serial/HDD package. Thats my hunch at least because my 60gig fat lags a little more than my 120gig slim. The 60gig actually doesn't have a 60gig HDD in it but a 320gig as well.

I know its a RAM memory leak issue, but like I said its a hunch. I'm no tech wiz. It also depends on the person telling of the lag. Some people over-exaggerate and come to the internet to post about it while others are patient and just grind through it.

In the end, my point is not about the issue itself, but Bethesda's lack of owning up to issue. They say they're working on it which I'm sure, but my question with all the shady activity is how long have they known about this bug?

Persistantthug2929d ago

Because that's exactly what they did and they should be sued or forced to return peoples money.

They aren't the only developer/publisher though....unfortunately.

Bethesda's "sneakyness" is what makes this even more insulting.

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doctorstrange2930d ago

Good to know there's a fix

shodaime2930d ago

I don't know, this might work, might not. The real solution must come from Bethesda's side. Also, turning off such a major feature shouldn't be the long-term solution. I expect better from a game I paid 50 dollars for.

davidmccue2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Mine only cost me $49.99, they must of seen you coming mate, i would put a complaint in if i were you.

CrazyRap2930d ago

Shame on you Bethesda, you can't fix the lag but one guy can.

Majin-vegeta2930d ago

Yea it seems nowadays you can't rely on Devs to fix there games so it's up to the gamers SMH at lazy ass Devs.

PirateThom2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Interesting. All information pointed towards it being an unfixable RAM issue...

Edit: I have no "corrupted files" though, but mine isn't running that badly. May disable the autosaves anyway.

Christopher2930d ago

It's a memory leak issue. Memory isn't properly cleaned out throughout each of the autosaves, so as you perform more it will leave more memory behind and result in lag at some point.

This may not be a solution, it may just delay how long until the memory leak starts causing issues.

brish2930d ago

I'm a software developer. The RAM issue is fixable.

catguykyou2930d ago

RAM issue is fixable if the code is installed to the HD and not streamed off the BluRay. If it's locked to the BluRay, It could be set in stone.

brish2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )


You're confusing storage with RAM.

@everyone else

In case anyone is curious the problem is Skyrim keeps track of the differences from the data for the game, and the data that is changed by the user. This is called a delta in programming terms. If you have a book on a shelf and it isn't moved then Skyrim doesn't have to store anything in your save file. If you move the book Skyrim needs to save it's new position, what direction it's facing, etc.. The longer you play the more changes you make to the world so the size of the delta grows.

The way this is fixed is you don't load the entire delta into ram. Instead you just load the delta for the items that are close to the player. The problem with this is HD speed is significantly slower than RAM.

Loading data in a specific location quickly from a large data set from a hard drive is accomplished with a spatial index.

For information on a common spatial index read these:

If you want to see spatial indexing being used in software go here:

It would be impossible to load all the data for google maps in RAM but querying the data for the entire planet works quickly via spatial indexing.

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