Goldeneye 007: Reloaded Review (

"Time hasn’t been kind to the shooter. It is still a fun game in four-player mode, but the graphics have aged terribly and the controls feel too loose making you feel as if you are sliding around the screen. People have been demanding that RARE re-release the title on current consoles, but I feel that they may be a little disappointed, wearing rose-tinted glasses. So Activision did the next best thing, re-make the game with a high-definition makeover, and a host of new features. The game was re-released on Wii last year, but now Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 gamers get another update, with even more extra features to try out. Does the game still score with gamers? Can Bond prove that Nobody Does it Better?"

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CyberGrim2925d ago

I never played the first GoldenEye game on the N64, never had an N64, so I might actually pick this one up.

robbttf2925d ago

That is crazy to think you never played it.
Wow, just wow :)

CyberGrim2925d ago

Totally agree, that's the response I usually get, lol. I'm sure I would have if I'd have had an N64 but I was only allowed one console and I went the PlayStation route.

Maybe I could redeem myself by grabbing this.

Antholex2925d ago

It still seems strange seeing Daniel Craig delivering the lines that Brosnan originally did.