The Best Weapon in Skyrim (Easter Egg) Tutorial

A Machinima Director (TRIX) has posted a tutorial detailing what appears to be the most powerful weapon available in Skyrim. The Giants Club. The video provides a tutorial on how to equip the club and shows it in action. This could well be the most fun weapon in the world of Skyrim.

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AAWELLS092929d ago

I saw this yesterday while exploring around only i was by myself so i could pick it up also i guess since i have more time in the game so my damage for this weapon was like over 150 i think it was 158. Ill def be going back now to pick it up now

trixnine2929d ago

Yh - turns out its relative to the level of your player so some people have picked it up and it did 263 damage. The 65 damage is based on a brand new level 2 character so thats a minimum.

Kal8532929d ago

Looks like I need to find a friend and go clubbing.

vickers5002926d ago

I used to go clubbing once, then I took an arrow to the knee.

chainer30002928d ago

damn, wish I could equip it and launch people into the air like the giants do.

Balcrist2928d ago

260 damage? big whoop, I would expect more from a 2 handed weapon.... I've got a daedric sword (One handed, Legendary) and a one handed skill of less than 80, it's doing 300 damage, 436 damage once you include my enchantments on it...

jadenkorri2928d ago

yeah i built armor and gloves of each type up till ebony, and 3-4 amulets (gold/silver etc, each one has to be different)and rings all with the smithing ability mine was 16% at the time. Used the multiple armor glitch and equipped them all then went and upgraded my weapons, they are all way overpowered. I regret doing now cause its too easy, i even switched to the hardest difficulty and still too easy.

Balcrist2928d ago

... i didn't use no multiple armor piece glitch, nor any other glitch but real strategy... 100 smithing and 100 enchanting, 4 items enchanted with fortify smithing (each one gave me +28 after i took an enchanters potion)walked up to a grind stone, took a blacksmithing potion to raise my smithing even more and then improved my daedric sword through the roof... then with my 100 enchanting (+enchanting potion) I enchanted 4 peices of armor to each give me +44% damage with one-handed and make destruction spells cost 27% less (turns out casting destruction spells actually regenerates my magicka instead of spending it now...) that along with some improved full daedric armor enchanted with Fortify heavy armor and i have a 1400+ armor rating without a shield... whats worse is that if i wanted, i could just train my alchemy , do some fortify alchemy enchantments and go in and endless circle....

trixnine2928d ago

The damage it does is good when you consider its gettable in 1 hour of playing the game. A nice starter tip I think. you may be too 1337 for this tutorial