Breaking The Skyrim Game: More Than A Billion Bow Damage, Armor With 100k+ Defense

Pinoytutorial: Morphed items extending up to a billion damage causing Skyrim's calculation to hit a negative number are previewed on this report. Basically, these items are what you call 'beyond godlike' and are intended to break the fun inside the game.

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norman292925d ago

Holy fluff :O my bows nowhere near that, its like 500-600 and i can take out dragons now in 1 hit so that 1.5bill is just utterly pointless, admittedly though, after seeing his other vid a few days ago about multi armors ect i was going to try something like this myself :P

tmoss7262925d ago

Also his carry weight is at 6599. If this is not a mod, then it's a terrible bug.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2925d ago

Not exactly a terrible bug. It takes quite a bit of time to do what he did. Honestly I did like the first step, got bored and continued playing. Even without the game breaking weapons and such, regular daedric armour with a good daedric weapon can kill just about anything in 2-3 swings alone and you can seriously fight off anything/anyone without risk of death.

norman292925d ago

Its not a mod, you just use the multi armor exploit but enchant some rings ect with extra carry weight and you'll get it up like that