Nintendo Starts MASSIVE Recruitment Drive - What are they up to?

Nintendo has begun a large-scale recruitment drive. New talent is being sought after to join the Tokyo base and even more so to attend their brand new facility in Kyoto.

Nintendo seems aggressive in their pursuit to expand and attack the HD market. The new facility supposedly will house a whopping 1500 staff members!

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Titanz3141d ago

Hopefully this will translate to fewer Nintendo software droughts.

blaaah3141d ago

Nintendo should have bought Capcom instead...

rezzah3140d ago

I doubt Nintendo can handle the games Capcom makes.

Look at Capcom's games being released and games already released, there is nothing like that on the Wii. Just because the WiiU is likely to pull of the graphics, the controller is most likely (based on what is shown so far) not fit for hardcore games.

Stealth2k3141d ago

nintendo has fewer softwre droughts than any other company

juegosmajicos3140d ago

I think that's true when you look at them as publishers, but definitely not true if you're talking about their consoles. To be fair, the droughts are caused by the lack of 3rd party developers, and there's no doubt that very few of them learned how to make a dime out of the Wii to begin with. With that in mind, credit should be given to Nintendo for keeping the N64 and Wii alive even when most 3rd parties just didn't care.

lumley6663141d ago

why is this suprising? urrm they do have a new console launching next year

kneon3141d ago

Actually it is a bit surprising, with a console launching next year they should have been hiring a year or two ago.

lumley6663141d ago

well not neceserily bud, they prob had all the staff they needed, im sure allot of the launch games are well underway too, they are prob getting plenty of games started now for the next fewe years, makes sense to me

DA_SHREDDER3141d ago

You just read my mind Kneon. This is sad that they didn't start doing this awhile ago. It'g gonna take months to even have a properly train staff, let alone years already into development for anything. Unless they plan on makings tons of shovelware of course. Gotta love filler games.

Grip3141d ago

Nintendo need a new IP and IP from someone else not the same guy

darthbill183141d ago

Im calling it! : 3D Pokemon MMO

Shackdaddy8363140d ago

OMG that would be amazing! Please!

goodbyeN4Gfaggots3141d ago

They are likely recruiting people to start on their own HD remakes. When that happens, you will never hear a Nintendo fanboy saying "What's the point of HD remakes?, i already own the game, im not going to buy the game again just because its HD, what a rip off" again.

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