Delta, a new all-in-one Nintendo emulator launches for iOS

The new Nintendo-focused emulator for the iPhone is now available with support for several classic systems.

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jznrpg30d ago

How long until they get sued and it gets taken down? I say a month or 2


Sued for what? It's just an emulator no ROMs are with it. ROMs are easy to get anyway, but with iPhone you can't just copy and paste like Android unless it's jail broken I think. Anyway Nintendo should be more concerned with their ROMs up to torrent for years for all of their concoles, but then again they can't do nothing about it, they never will and I love it. 🤣

NotoriousWhiz30d ago

As long as it isn't emulating the Switch, it'll be fine.

30d ago
Knightofelemia30d ago

Won't belong before Nintendo bangs on Apple's door to have the emu removed. Like I say you take down one six more take it's place. Problem is people are putting emu's on such stupid platforms. The good emus are the ones not on stupid platforms like a red target. The good emu's are word of mouth and keep a low profile.


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With two weeks left before the launch of F1 24, Wccftech interviewed Codemasters to discuss some of the improvements fans will find in the game.

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Japan: Nintendo death threats suspect charged by police

Japanese police have charged the man responsible for sending death threats to Nintendo.

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