Wii U games that still haven't been ported to Switch

The Nintendo Switch is potentially nearing its lifespan, and several Wii U games haven't found their way over as ports yet.

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Vits33d ago

I think it's better to leave games like AC: Amiibo Festival and Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash forgotten on the Wii U. Best case, they are mediocre games; worse case, they are very bad. It was a dark time for the Wii U, and the first only exists to sell Amiibo cards, whereas the second was put together in a couple of months with a shoestring budget, and it shows.

The rest of the list does have some really cool games, though. I would love to see a remake of Star Fox Zero with decent controls, and Xenoblade X doesn't require that much modification to work.

Z50132d ago

How would XCX work without dual screens functionality?

Cacabunga32d ago

Same as Paper Mario color splash. One of the best wiiu games and getting even better with dual screen. Same reason why i prefer Splatoon 1

Profchaos32d ago

This article leaves out Nintendo's most controversial game to date devils Third.
I personally found the cover system really fun in that one compared to at the time most fps games completely lacking one.

Stevonidas32d ago

Devil's Third is HIGHLY underrated.

repsahj32d ago

They should remake Starfox to the switch 2. Very beautiful game during gamecube days.

Chocoburger32d ago

Kirby is always ignored or forgotten by people, so good to see it mentioned here.
Play Kirby Canvas Curse on DS, and then play Rainbow Curse on Wii U, they're really fun and unique 'platformers' without any actual jumping.

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