Skyrim Graphics Mods Blow Consoles Out Of The Water

Gamers Nexus: "We had to put together the best possible comparison of Skyrim graphics mods to truly showcase the wondrous power of the modding community; this visual comparison experiment uses a native PC copy of Skyrim set to the maximum settings and an ultra-modded, heavily-tweaked version of Skyrim that is otherwise "beyond max." We'll let the pictures do the talking -- the mods used are described in depth below. If you want to make Skyrim less gray, this is your ticket."

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BioWareShocker3138d ago

I wonder how Wii U Skyrim would look in comparison.

Lelldorianx3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

In comparison to what? The modded version? Nothing like it. The native version? It'll come close -- Skyrim is not natively very stressing on systems.

Edit.: We're not even sure if the Wii will get the game. I don't think it will.

BioWareShocker3138d ago

Just in general to the current consoles. That is if Wii U even gets the game.

killcycle3138d ago

I disagree about it being natively stressing, it's a sandbox game. They all push the engine they're running on which push's the console the engines running on.

Ocelot5253138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

the Wii U has no HDD and thus no option to install games therefore the wii U version would suffer from lot's of pop-up and ridiculous long load times

Sarcasm3138d ago

Ugh, jacking up the contrast and changing color saturation isn't an upgrade. In each of those pictures the original looks better.

bruddahmanmatt3138d ago

Raise your hand if you're sick and tired of pathetic basement bloggers using sensationalist headlines in a desperate attempt for hits. What's wrong with saying "Skyrim Graphics Mods Look Amazing"? Why the need to throw the word "consoles" in there? Oh that's right, crappy website needs to pay its bills. SMH

DarkBlood3138d ago


while im sure it has some form of harddrive maybe just not big

your forgetting that it can use an external harddrive of your choice so the option to install is there

Iroquois_Pliskin3138d ago

Skyrim only stresses the RAM. Have you guys seen that article about memory leak?

T9003138d ago

Poor console gamers, they obviously dont have access to mods because:

A: they are stuck with old hardware

B: How will MS and Sony make money of the DLCs if there are mods available for every game. Mind you this does have a spillover effect. When devs see console gamers are willing to pay for DLCs they tend to take away mod capability from PC games too, so they can milk both the community.

Bottomline console gamers need to grow a spine and stand up for their rights. They need to drop the fanboisim which normaly does take over to defend their favorite company, instead they should demand freedom for Mods etc, that way they get more free content and they ensure the future of gaming wont be gamers being controlled by these corporations. Currently PC is the only platform where gamers have a say in how they want things. Console gaming is completely under the control of their overlords.

lumley6663138d ago

these arguments are just pointless, better graphics dont make the game any better, iv been playing on pc, i modded it about 20 hours into my game and im enjoying it no more or less then before

milohighclub3137d ago

But just look at how many great games consoles have compared to pc also we get the games on release and don't have to wait a month or 2 after release to play the game.

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slayorofgods3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

The wii u will only be slightly better then current then current gen consoles...

Lets compare
quad core @ 3GHz, it is a fine possessor but not a huge leap over Sony's Cell processor (Sony might still have the lead), The 360 has a tri-core clocked at 3.2 GHz. So it has a higher overall speed, most analysts also believe 3 cores are as much as you need in gaming. These figures are well in line with average gaming pc's cpu.

Memory, for simplicity I will say both Sony and MS use 512 mb of ram.... The Wii U will have 768MB. Average gaming pc's have 4Gb of ram. So, the Wii U is going very low and will be very close to current consoles.

GPU - All I can tell you is the Wii U will use a low factor form GPU, that is ati's specialty. The GPU should be slightly better then the 360 and PS3, but very similar since they both use very similar GPU's. This isn't going to be a 200$ + GPU that you see in high end PC's.

Conclusion; The Wii U will not look better then the current generation consoles. Nintendo is really just going for a new gimmick by using ipad like controllers.

edit- why the dressage's? I don't care if I'm wrong, but I'd like to know why.

Arnon3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

"quad core @ 3GHz, it is a fine possessor but not a huge leap over Sony's Cell processor (Sony might still have the lead)" Four independent cores are much more functional than a single core with 7 SPE's (6 available for gaming) that are dependent on a single core to execute all commands. Also, most PC games that you've noticed to stand out above the rest, such as The Witcher 2, Crysis, and Battlefield 3 all recommend a quad-core processor. The game's visuals are a testament to why, and most of the top developers on PC are pushing for quad-core support.

"This isn't going to be a 200$ + GPU that you see in high end PC's."

Even if it was a $50 current GPU, it would be better than current gen consoles such as the 360 and PS3. You don't need much to outdo what's in those things. And to top it off, if the Wii U is going to have over 512 MB of RAM, you can be guaranteed it will outdo the consoles.


I have no doubt that if the Wii U has a Quad-Core CPU running at 3.0GHz, with a current ATI card costing anywhere from $50-$150, and at least 1GB of RAM, it will significantly outdo the PS3 and 360. It's just right there on paper.

Also, I know people are constantly stating that the Wii U will not have a HDD, but I'm also hearing that you can simply plug in any of your HDD's into it. I also doubt that it doesn't have an HDD, as the system needs memory outside of the RAM to execute the setup and OS, as well as any updates required for the system.

slayorofgods3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

First off, thanks for a good reply. But I disagree.

Comparing the cell processor with a quad core is a little more complicated then that (also note that there is nothing like the cell on a pc for various reasons unrelated to gaming). The quad can handle multiple processes better, but the cell can handle linear processes better. The end result; the cell can run games just as well, but it is a lot harder to code for. On the PS3 the GPU and memory is what hold it back.

Comparing a tri core (360) vs a quad core is much easier. Tom's hardware has done plenty of cpu tests and gaming efficiency peaks with 3 cores, and most other pc functions (not gaming related) peak at 4 cores. So the CPU won't be a huge step up from the 360.

But all this doesn't really matter, because really we are getting the same gaming performance from all 3; and the performance here is good.

The memory is also going from current generation 512, not a next generation 768. Yeah it's more, but its not next generation more.

The GPU is the more questionable, some report that it is only twice as good as the wii.

Overall, the Wii U is a next generation console and will compete mostly against the PS4 and next xbox. The specs aren't that impressive, the only thing you can say is that it is a little more powerful then the current generation.

It's success really depends on its ipad like controller. That will be what makes it stand out, not its hardware capabilities.

fr0sty3138d ago

who the hell wants to go through all that trouble for a slight increase in quality? that's why i like consoles. no need to meddle with settings or worrying about if your gear is fast enough to run it at a stable frame rate.

atticus143138d ago

if mods were available for consoles most people here would probably take advantage of them even if it took some work. Some console games let you store huge chucks on info on an HD just to save a few seconds of loading time and many console players love that feature no matter how minimal the gain is.

Most people like squeezing more out of their systems and games for free.

kevnb3138d ago

comment makes no sense, you dont have to do this... And the consoles sure as heck dont guarantee a good framerate.

fr0sty3138d ago

not guaranteed, but usually playable and steady. with pc's, unless you spend a lot on them you never know if you'll run it right or not. not to mention the poor quality ports on pc.

RedDead3138d ago

Why do people care about the very minor difference between the Ps3 and 360?

death2smoochie3137d ago

Play L4D 2 on the PC FOR EXAMPLE and you will know why FREE MODS/MAPS are great. It might have a learning curve but it adds YEAR to your games.

RurouniKaze3137d ago

I think stupid nerds forcing high end graphis hurt games this gen really badly. I mean look at the huuge library the ps2 had and how many different types of games. All the games feel the same and its really tough for new studios to show off their ideas with things being already complicated enough as they are. We dont need better graphics 'noobs', we need a wider library of games .. games that dont take 3years+ to make just to 'polish graphics' and BS. I also want to see the return of fun JRPGs and crash and all those silly games I used to enjoy coming from devs trying make it out there ! Look how many JRPGs and stuff the PSP & DS gets .. its cuz theyre EASIER CONSOLES TO DEV FOR !

bobrea3137d ago

Yea, because modding a game is SOOOO much work...

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Lelldorianx3138d ago

The lighting and shading effects that these mods produced are phenomenal. I guess the only reason Bethesda didn't put more focus in things like this was because they wanted universal functionality, but the mods certainly make it insanely good looking ;)

Kahvipannu3138d ago

Yeah, and it will just get better, the gears of the community have just started to move.. :)

mugoldeneagle033138d ago

How come these don't come to PS3. I played the hell out of UT3 almost all because of mod support. Don't know why we haven't seen more games do this

kramun3138d ago

Because UT mods only dealt with maps and models and gametypes, you couldn't add visual improvements because the ps3 is limited by its hardware.

SnotyTheRocket3138d ago

@kramun well, I think the PS3 could do a lot of these mods, I just think not AS well as the PC (duhhh) but, still, it would look better. And I bet the PS3 could contribute to the modding community.

Kahvipannu3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Well, if there would be modding tools for PS3, modders for PS3, all content xhould not go for approval for Sony, If mod overheats your PS3, whos in responsible, heh, etc...

It's not simple unfortunatelly. Just get PC version for mods.

"And I bet the PS3 could contribute to the modding community. "

To be honest, I doubt it. Modding a real game isn't playing around with LBP2 editor. The eprsons who actually are interested/capable in modding, propably play with PC already, and the persons who play consoles propably lack the knowledge to do modding.

I know not all, but that would propably be the case here..

Persistantthug3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

And because Microsoft payed Bethesda extra for timed DLC, that pretty much sealed the deal.

Microsoft botched Console mods for Skyrim...basically.

one2thr3138d ago

Your right, because I while back there was a article about Microsoft stating that they wouldn't distribute any games on their system if it wasn't of the same quality and if it didn't have the same features that other consoles are capable of doing..... There's more stuff that the article mentioned but its not worth mentioning it in this current topic

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frostypants3138d ago

The pictures tell me that the mod just made all the lighting more orange-y...

nilamo3138d ago

Piss filter all over my face

theonlylolking3138d ago

I think that mod makes the game look worse instead of better.

Velox3138d ago


too bad you cant marry that girl in the screenshot

Grip3138d ago

u can't marry any beauty in this game expect aela the huntress

Velox3138d ago

any other hot pixels to marry other then her? i only saw aela, but her voice is annoying

Grip3138d ago

nothing in the list will at least right now.. chicks in the mods are so hot

DarkBlood3138d ago

its Mjoll the Lioness for me that im going to marry if she shall accept a Dunmer lol

mrsatan3138d ago

Aela the huntress looks like a man compared to some of the other women in the game.

Brownghost3138d ago

the sad part is you guys are chatting about marrying digital girls

NarcolepZZZZZZ3138d ago

I married Senna from the Temple of Dibella. The whole temple is all about hotness.

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HardCover3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Yes you can.

Addtofaction 19809 1

Bolts3138d ago

You can marry her on the PC.

adamant7153138d ago

Ewww... waaaaayyy too much contrast.

Lelldorianx3138d ago

Contrast and bloom can be easily modified by selecting a different preset than I did with the FXAA Post-Process Injector mod. I chose Preset 4 and used a high-contrast setting as it works better with my 3D gaming setup. For those who'd like lower-contrast but to maintain the high-texture resolution, that's easily done by changing a few toggles :)

LouisSantiago3138d ago

That's exactly what I was thinking. Seriously, taking contrast way, way out of line doesn't make graphics better. All if does is kill the mood Bethesda set. This mod makes this game look a lot more like Majora's Mask now, not Skyrim.

frostypants3138d ago

My thoughts as well. Some of the textures are a LITTLE better, but the majority of the change is just blowing out the contrast and adding orange tint to every light source.

dc13138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

The PC native version blows the ps3/360 version out of the water. I had the ps3 version ...but had to buy it on PC (taking the hit of the trade in). Mods = Awesome. Esp the 4gb memory buffer ( needed untilled the leak is fixed)

Doesn't matter what your console of choice is need to buy this game.