Bethesda and Skyrim: the fall of an Empire

Ashton Mills "Bethesda and Skyrim: the fall of an Empire"

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kasser3141d ago

Am I the only one who is having no problems with the game? Other than game crashes sometimes after playing for hours (and I suspect it is my own hardware problem)

Skyrim is way better than any previous elder scrolls in every aspect. It is the most stable game from Bethesda as well. I remember Morrowind very well and you would be lucky to finish the game because it was too buggy. It had crazy crashing issues and things you may do that will break your whole goddamn game if you did not back up a savefile. They fixed most of problems after maybe 4 patches.

If there is a real complain, I would say enemies get way easier to kill in a higher levels. Ulfric's stormcloaks now die with one sword hit.

Fylus3141d ago

I know right? All this complaining is getting sad. The game is a HUGE open world with countless variables. Of course it will have some problems. Personally, I haven't experienced any issues aside from a couple of flying mammoths, but if anything, I found that to be more amusing than anything.

Pintheshadows3141d ago

Why are you killing Stormcloaks you Imperial Milkdrinker!

pete27113141d ago

Your not the one, I am 52 hours in and it's been better than i ever thought it would be!

SITH3141d ago

140+ hours in, three lock ups, one incident of lag, and no immunities. Happy as hell regardless of the issues.

FCOLitsjustagame3141d ago

130 hours in and my only issue is my spouse (in game) dissappeard so I get no money. On and the occasional lockup during long gaming sessions.