Skyrim: 2500 Cheese Wheels Rolling Down A Mountain

Loud Mouthed Gamers: Cue the insane physics videos. Oblivion was famous for its duplication glitch which allowed for some insane moments like, you know, 10,000 watermelons falling down a mountain. The first of these videos has popped up for Skyrim, this time with 2,500 goat cheese wheels.

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ElementX3146d ago

Do these videos really have to be submitted? N4G has too much filler these days.

Forbidden_Darkness3146d ago

Ohh come now, live a little, it's better than all those damn flamebait articles. This is actually pretty freaking cool lol.

SITH3145d ago

Do you really have to click on them to comment and pay so much attention to them you find it necessary. 10 people voted yes they have to be on here.

Kran3145d ago

I am disappoint....

He aint falling over and breaking any limbs ;P

xxmatrix1xx3145d ago

damn i need to get this for the pc