Skyrim: Best Werewolf Game Ever

Ace from consolecontrollus writes- "The Werewolves in Skyrim are so great I had to make an article to stress how much I like them and why Skyrim is by far the best werewolf game ever. So I did some digging and these are the games that featured werewolves in some form or fashion."

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christian hour2978d ago

"I yield, I yield!" haha that made me laugh, havent become a werewolf yet but it looks like hilarious fun, might try it once all my quests are done and go on murder sprees at midnight XD

Kakihara2978d ago

You guys are crazy, there ain't no such thing as werewolves. i've played more than thirty hours of this game now and haven't run into a single one so I'm absolutely certain it's safe to let my guard down, even for a second.

iamgoatman2978d ago

I made the mistake in Oblivion of letting my guard down thinking now I'm a high level I'm essentially a walking god, which lasted the whole of 2 minutes before I was scared half to death by those sneaky bloody trolls!

Bethesda RPG Rule No.1 - Never let your guard down, not even for rabbits and chickens.