Is There A Tebowing Glitch in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim?

Well it had to happen. Summers “planking”, which gave way to September and October’s “owling” has now turned into the present and foreseeable future’s “Tebowing.” The polarizing Denver Broncos quarterback has taken the NFL by storm with his recent run of success, going 5-1 since taking over the starting job back on October 23 and spawning a new internet craze with his on-field prayerful reflection.

After a little bit of time on Youtube, we came across a video which suggests that the phenomenon might have made its way into The Elder Scrolls: V Skyrim.

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ATi_Elite2704d ago

if they were really Tebowing they would of gotten back up and beat your butt just like TEBOW does every team in the 4th qrt. lol

TEBOW > fake Tebowing skeletons in Skyrim!

malol2704d ago

THAT'S not a glitch !!

kcuthbertson2704d ago

Definitely not a glitch...

Tons of enemies do that when you get there health low.

It's fine to make the Tebow reference, but don't call it a glitch when it's clearly not.

Dunpeal2704d ago

2 words: TEBOW MANIA


but yeah, def not a glitch, just got his health low and he's almost dead

Whore_Mouth2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

I'm a grammar Nazi. It's "Per Se", not "Per Say".

The article itself was well written, but I feel as if it was just a fluff piece.

kramun2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

I'd change 'fluff piece' to 'Scraping the barrel piece'.

EDIT:In fact, I'd say it wasn't a piece, I'd say it was just something someone fired out of their arse onto the internet.

Yes. That would be it.

Dunpeal2704d ago

I think the author is disagreeing all our comments lol

shameless grab at the current Tebow frenzy really

Whore_Mouth2704d ago

I feel the same.
My original comment was too harsh, even for me.

It was along the lines of that now every time the author writes something, he has to second guess himself to see if it is complete trash or not.

Also, now he is forever on the internet as a shameless tryhard.

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