Skyrim Texture Comparison Before and After 1.2 Patch

"Recently, 1.2 Patch has just been released in Europe, but have you had a look before updating the patch"

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xtremexx3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

nice to see this and see the changes they made. cant really see a difference between these specific pics.

AngryTypingGuy3147d ago

I think we're being played here people. Those pics aren't two different pics, they're the same one. What are the odds of getting the exact same pic with the exact same NPC in the exact same pose from the exact same distance?

Darkfocus3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

well you could quicksave take the picture right when it loads and do it again -_- so the odds are very good...

GearsOfWar3147d ago

There are actually two different screenshots here. If you save both, just view them and switch back and forth. You'll notice the clouds, trees, and plants change slightly.

Very minor difference, but then again the screenshots are so small it's hard to see a difference.

Keyop3147d ago

A pointless article as the texture issue was on 360 and not PS3. Nothing has change regarding textures for PS3 owners. A before and after comparison on 360, where there actually was a problem would be a little more useful I think....

HardCover3146d ago

I've heard plenty of people say that their PS3 copy got worse after the patch, in regards to textures.

admiralthrawn873147d ago

ps3 shouldve been the lowest version on anybody's priority list. even a fanboy should know the 360 version was gonna be more optimized. it only took FO3, new vegas to prove it.

and don't talk about oblivion, that was released with a year of patches and code improvements, not to mention most people forget that after the ps3 version was released, they repatched the 360 version which made it on par again.

if you can, get skyrim on pc...or not at all because really it's overrated. the witcher 2, dark souls, and waiting for kingdoms of amalur probably the better decision.

NeoTribe3147d ago

Your a very obvious hater.

tee_bag2423147d ago

Lol - " dont get Skyrim because its overrated... Witcher 2, Dark Souls better decision" - Talk about comparing apples with oranges. Obviously you've played none these titles

admiralthrawn873147d ago

lol i've played all 3, i own all three. skyrim is a good game, just overrated.

dark souls is better imo as well as witcher 2. skyrim had no challenge at all, even on higher difficulty.

Tr10wn3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

Skyrim overrated? i own all 3 too and how can you say Dark Souls is better than Skyrim? the only thing i think is better is the combat, Dark Souls doesn't even have a story or it does? "Sarcasm" and about The Witcher 2 i played but never finish it, i said The Witcher 2 is the one overrated, the game is eyecandy and the story seems good but the world seems a little small to my taste. You can't really compare Dark Souls or The Witcher 2 to Skyrim massive world, now let me tell you why Skyrim is better than both Dark Souls and The Witcher 2, The world is massive over 150 dungeons, 300 hours of gameplay, Dragons, the game is literally endless and is way too epic which is a good thing, now tell me how does Dark Souls of The Witcher 2 better than this? I said is just Fanboyism, fine you like that game but is not really better.

'Edited' i read about the difficulty, saying Skyrim has no challenge even on Master is just ridiculous false, everyone i know is playing on expert because in master you see a mage and you are dead and elder/ancient dragons are nearly impossible now don't say "But in higher level i ownd everything" because Dark Souls is the easiest game once you get everything you need, you know like every game out there?

HardCover3146d ago

Just like Oblivion, Skyrim will be ALL about the mods.

The creation kit isn't out yet, so the modding hasn't actually really even begun (despite over two thousand mods being available right now). So yeah, anybody who cares about Skyrim PC version's rating right now isn't thinking the right away about these things.

Perjoss3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

sadly when a game becomes this popular it attracts all kinds of people, the players are playing the game but the haters, well they seem to love hanging around all the Skyrim forums making troll replies every time someone has anything positive to say about the game.

I have NO idea what pleasure there is to be had by being a hater, can anyone please explain this phenomenon. Surely if you dislike a game your time is better spent playing a game you DO like? im so confused.

killcycle3146d ago

It's just the guys opinion and he thought that people would use that old Oblivion comparison against him so threw in some knowledge so that didn't have to be what he came back to read.

Fair enough if you disagree you disagree but it's really not necessary to call him a Troll, Scum and say he's played none of the above.

Grow up

MysticStrummer3146d ago

People who only own one console or who don't enjoy gaming on PC aren't necessarily fanboys, and fanboys will usually own only their chosen platform, so saying PS3 should be the lowest on anyone's priority list doesn't make much sense, especially when all versions of Skyrim have problems. You feel Skyrim is overrated. I strongly disagree with that but I do agree that Dark Souls is an overall cooler game just because I've played all the Elder Scrolls games and Skyrim is just another evolution of that series while Dark Souls feels more fresh and innovative even though it's an evolution of Demon's Souls. I've clocked about 120 hours on the PS3 version of Skyrim and haven't had many problems other than quests staying in my log after they're done. The save file size/framerate problem could be temporarily fixed by saving/quitting/continuing so that didn't bother me. I've noticed no difference in the visuals after the patch. Stop acting like the PS3 version is some travesty that should be avoided at all costs.

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Adexus3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

I'm pretty sure those 2 pictures are exactly the same... not to mention the resolution is awful and it doesn't show of any textures whatsoever.

MasterCornholio3147d ago

Can't see the difference.


killcycle3146d ago

I see disagree's but not one statement talking about the difference. I don't see a difference either.

oh yeah and


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