David Jaffe talks about immersion

Getting into a conversation about Elder Scrolls: Skyrim on Twitter (no doubt working on Twisted Metal in another window), David Jaffe shares his thoughts on immersion.

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OurRedEyes2976d ago

Shut up Jaffe, gimmie Twisted Metal!

Bigpappy2976d ago

Does he really not understand, that the hold point of skyrim, is to put so much stuff in the game, that you have no choice but to miss some of it just based on your choices? You can play the game several time and discover many new things even if you try to play it the same way. This game seems to be over his head (sorry to have to say that, but that is what I got from his comment).

user77927882976d ago

Lol @ the add in the article "Buy Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on Amazon 1% off

PetitPiPi2976d ago

STFU Jaffe. Finish your game already.

soundslike2976d ago

Honestly, does he REALLY have beef with Skyrim?

I support his rants usually, but this just seems like hes on adderall and just needs to say something.

2976d ago