GM Review: Uncharted 3 – Best Uncharted Game Yet

Uncharted series has established itself as such a successful franchise that fans of PlayStation 3 look forward to playing a new iteration as much as they look forward to seeing the sequel to a Hollywood blockbuster, or perhaps more.

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waltyftm2976d ago

Just finished this today, wow, amazing game, great story with brilliant set pieces and humorous tones, epic.

blumatt2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

Yes it really is a great game. And, regardless of what some people say, it DOES have some replay value. You can up the difficulty, play with a friend through the co-op, and go back level by level looking for all the hidden treasures throughout.

It definitely earns that 9/10, for sure! There's a lot of games that get 9/10's that don't deserve it, but this one has earned it. Anyone who doesn't have a PS3 yet should definitely get one, or at the very least borrow a friend's.

(Although, at this point you really should buy one. The price is right and the games are coming out boom boom boom one after another.)

Thatguy-3102976d ago

If its the best yet why give it a 9-_- IMO among thieves was better when it came to the overall package. Uncharted 3 level designs are just amazing and so are the set pieces but that's about it.

Tarantino_Life2976d ago

Totally agree. This does not even come close to UC2. The multiplayer is very very good though. Its fun as usual.

PS3and4_HAS_GAMES2976d ago

Best uncharted game yet and it gets a 9?????......more like an 11 of the best damn games ever..period!!!!!