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Seventh_Blood_Reborn2543d ago

I' ll see if it works properly. If it does then I' ll buy the game ;)

Seventh_Blood_Reborn2543d ago

@ disagree: sorry, I' m not used to spend 70 Euros ( I have to work in order to have money, you know? ) to buy bugged games.
I already did a mistake buying Fallout 3 at day one.

If you enjoy bugs ... well, good for you, Bethesda is always prolific under this aspect!

I do not.

SP3333D-O2543d ago

Thankfully, my experience with Skyrim was decidedly different than those with Fallout 3 and Oblivion. I could not believe how much those crashed, but, surprisingly, Skyrim has been very stable.

NukaCola2543d ago

Boost the textures(Looks blurry on a lot of textures) and framerate on PS3. Other than that fix little things. I personally have had little issues with broken quests.

I do have to say it can be done. Fallout New Vegas had a lot of patching but the PS3 version is really good now. I don't have any real issues anymore.

Blackdeath_6632543d ago

i dont understand why ppl are making such a big fuss over bugs that they refuse to buy the game. unless your on xbox and you have texture issues than all other bugs are minor, the ps3 problems are only if you have large save file thats many many hours into the game other bugs like floating mammoths are very minor and can be ignored

Siesser2543d ago

"Ps3 bug is only if you have a large save file hours into the game..."

What, so people should by the game anyways, because the bugs aren't relevant until they're almost done? What kind of silly logic is that?

Mutant-Spud2543d ago

I've had the game freeze a few times and last night during a dialogue scene a character's head disappeared, which was funny, it didn't come back until I'd left and re entered the room.

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awi59512543d ago

Never patch elder scroll games they always patch out the cool bugs people like.

MEsoJD2543d ago

Wheres the damn mod kit?

StraightPath2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

Fix the damn PS3 version.

Jazz41082542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

I have clocked about 100 hours on the 360 version and have had zero issues. Its been great. Btw my game is dowloaded to my harddrive as well an have had no issues.

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TopDudeMan2543d ago

Awesome, looking forward to it...

gillri2543d ago

just fix the thieves guild questline bug, I cant do the guild!! amongst others

Avernus2543d ago

It works fine for me. Sorry to say, but you might need to start over...

Tainted Gene2543d ago

same here Gillri.

the "loud and clear" thieves guild mission glitches the next quest for me. its my one real gripe with the otherwise perfect game that is Skyrim.

hope it gets fixed.

lifesanrpg2543d ago

I wonder if it'll fix the 360 textured. They've had enough notice

Lucreto2543d ago

My only concern is the save bug. I am at 6.8mb now and I am unsure when it starts effecting the game.

DarkBlood2543d ago

hey im at 11 mb :P lol it was slowing down like hell so i decided to save then turn it off next day it was going smoothly for a while

Goatfish2543d ago

my game file is now at 11+ mb now . I basically stopped playing because of the frame rate issues I'm having. It's pretty frustrating but I'm just holding out for the patch and hoping it fixes the problems.

Lou-Cipher2543d ago

11mb where my save file is as well. I had to stop playing because of the framerate.

It started around 7mb, but now that it is at 11mb it is completely broken for me.

If I turned off the game and restarted it, it would get me a couple of hours of gameplay before it started really getting choppy, but now it doesn't matter.

I found a used copy for the 360,but Im still pissed that I lost over 90 hours on my original PS3 copy.

I always buy my games new, but Bethesda is never going to see anymore of my money.

Bethesda games are used games from here on out.

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