Skyrim: 5 Things It’s Missing

360 Magazine: Skyrim might be a big game, but Bethesda has made some schoolboy errors…

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DaveX3602518d ago

It's missing nothing, clearly.

StraightPath2517d ago

its sometimes unplayable on the PS3.

megacowdung2517d ago

oh god yes, the framerate is horrible especially on cutscenes and stuff.

slayorofgods2517d ago

Monopoly money doesn't count in poker because it can't be used in the real world.

dirigiblebill2517d ago

A studied insult. I'll dance on your grave, sir.

snipes1012517d ago

How about a patch or 10?

Biglet2518d ago

Is that a foil-wrapped Kilo of charlie I see on top of the bog? Quick - it's the cozzers! Flush it!

Biglet2518d ago

Wah. The image changed. (clearly, the coke was flushed and someone left something in the bowl to discourage further investigation)

Dailynch2518d ago

You guys are stupid, Skyrim clearly needs Dr Who in it.

Ace_Man_62518d ago

it's missing more than 10FPS……

Drake1172517d ago

your missing a good computer

azraelnc2517d ago

That's strange, I can't seem to get below 10FPS, even in Markarth.

slayorofgods2517d ago

I know there have been some slight performance issues that needed to be tweaked or modded to run on ultra settings. I'm looking forward to the patch in a few days just like everyone else.

But this is the first I've heard of the 10FPS issue. You have 14 agree so I assume it is a widespread issue?

Yukicore2517d ago

I think he meant that it misses 10 more FP/S, not that the game runs at 10FP/S.

ShottySnipa4172518d ago

This list is spot on about the dinosaurs.

SITH2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

Hey high speed, dinosaurs were not alive when mammoths and saber tooth tigers roamed earth. Early man hunted those animals and we definitely were not around with dinosaurs. So wtf is this list and you talking about?

ShottySnipa4172518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

Dude, what I said was a joke. The fact you even took that list seriously is pretty sad.

I want to be a paleontologist in the future. Dinosaurs were most likely extinct due to an asteroid smashing into the Yucatan peninsula 65.5 million years ago. Had the dinosaurs not died out, they would still be around and we wouldn't even exist. The mammals during the Mesozoic era (Dinosaur period) were reduced to small, rat-like bodies because the dinosaurs filled all of the niches that the mammals couldn't even dream to touch back then.

Also, if you play Skyrim, why are there mammoths and saber tooth cats living with medieval people? That certainly didn't happen at all in history. So what would it matter if dinosaurs were in this game in the first place? This game is labeled as a fantasy game, after all...

So yes, I know my stuff regarding prehistory. What I said here was a joke... Stop keeping your panties all in a bunch...

Edit: Also, "Saber Toothed Tigers" is the incorrect term to saying that kind of animal. They were Saber Toothed Cats, my friend. =)

SITH2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

Kid I have a BS degee and a BA in history. I don't need your help with history. And with your impeccable insight into the game you failed to notice elder scrolls planet has two moons. NOT EARTH.

And it is saber tooth tiger or cat (Smilodon) neither is wrong. Next time you google something open the top search up and read. Many animals had, "saber teeth" mr. Paleontologists. come correct with that 10 second research when you think you are educating someone. And did you bother to find out where birds originated from in your extensive research into the demise of dinosaurs? If you did you wouldn't be so quick to claim they all died. Go read a book. That turkey you may be eating this holiday is related to the t-Rex.

Pre-history... has absolutely nothing to do with dinosaurs.

Also next time you think you made a joke put (j/k) at the end so there is no confusion of a literal statement.

Drake1172517d ago

how could that not be a joke

ShottySnipa4172514d ago

Now you just contradicted yourself.

In your first post, you started off stating the realistic facts about ancient life. Then, I responded by saying that my previous statement was a joke.

Then, you go on by saying, "And with your impeccable insight into the game you failed to notice elder scrolls planet has two moons. NOT EARTH." Well, NO SHIT! I DID say this game was fantasy, didn't I? So, when I said "What difference does it make if dinosaurs were around?", it was a valid question.

And no, I didn't Google search all the stuff I said. I knew that from years of studying the one topic I want to professionalize in after I graduate college. We "kids" have a voice, too. I don't care if you disbelieve me, but don't take logistics for a video game so damn seriously.

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YoungKingDoran2517d ago

sith: "i have a BS degee"
yeah you can say that again.
dinosaurs are awesome, and skyrim is a fantasy game. last time i checked, lots of the monsters in that game didnt exist during the time of humans, mammoths and sabre tooths, or at all.
giants - maybe
dragons - i wish
argonians - probably not, but try telling that to David Icke though

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